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Friday, September 16, 2016

Contest Winner and New Contest

Congrats to SMM, winner of an ebook copy of From the Get Go (which is on pre-order at Dreamspinner and will be available for download on September 28).

So it's time for a new contest and I found a little plush white bear and plush lion to represent Harry and Metro from Shifter Rescue: Spirit. So just send me an email -- seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) -- with "plushy spirit" in the subject line before midnight Thursday next week. I will randomly choose a winner on Friday. I do mail items overseas (yes, even to Australia) so feel free to enter no matter where you live.

When spirit-bear shifter Harry bursts into the Old Tavern, Pirou is more than happy to offer sanctuary to the bleeding and terrified man. After all, hysterical and clearly abused, Harry is just the kind of shifter the rescue operation is made for.

Metro is a friend of the rescue who comes in once a month to do the books. When he sees Harry, he feels sympathy for the little bear, and something deeper, too. As he spends more time with Harry, Metro falls for him. But will Harry ever be able to let go of the things that were done to him long enough to let Metro in?

Only time and patience will tell. Fortunately Metro's got both...

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