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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Smutterday - Shifter Rescue: Spirit

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt for Shifter Rescue: Spirit

When spirit-bear shifter Harry bursts into the Old Tavern, Pirou is more than happy to offer sanctuary to the bleeding and terrified man. After all, hysterical and clearly abused, Harry is just the kind of shifter the rescue operation is made for.

Metro is a friend of the rescue who comes in once a month to do the books. When he sees Harry, he feels sympathy for the little bear, and something deeper, too. As he spends more time with Harry, Metro falls for him. But will Harry ever be able to let go of the things that were done to him long enough to let Metro in?

Only time and patience will tell. Fortunately Metro's got both...

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smutty excerpt:

“Come into the tub,” Master Lion suggested, taking his hands and walking backward, slowly drawing him into the water which was again both clean and hot.

“I like the warm, clean water.” That was a blessing.

“I’ve always taken it for granted,” Master Lion admitted. “I’ll not do that again -- I’ll remember that it is a blessing and that I’m lucky to have never wanted for it.”

“Yes. Yes.” No one wanted to be dirty and foul. No one.

Master Lion splashed him gently, the water flying against him.

He laughed suddenly, surprised and pleased. “Master Lion!”

“Yes?” Master Lion drew back, looking not the least bit innocent.

“You splashed me!” He couldn’t stop laughing, not at all.

“I did!” Master Lion laughed with him, and splashed him again.

Harry dared to splash back, careful not to get Master Lion’s face. More laughter sounded and Master Lion leaned in, pressing their lips together. Lightning slid down his spine and his eyes went wide. Oh. Oh, dear. Oh.

Master Lion moved their lips gently together, making his tingle. He reached out, flailing a bit, searching for a place to settle. Master Lion grabbed his hands and brought them to the broad shoulders. The kissing did not stop.

One gentle peck led to another and another, and each one felt like it built on the one before. Drawing back a tiny bit, Master Lion rubbed their noses together, smiling at him.

“You gave me kisses.” And he had liked it.

“I did. I want to give you more of them, too. And I want to give you touches and pleasure and orgasms.”

His eyebrow went up, his head tilted. “What are those?”

“Oh, Harry, there is so much for you to learn. And it’s all very good, I promise.” Master Lion kissed him again, tongue sliding into his mouth and the tingles got bigger.

“You’re tasting my mouth,” Harry said.

“I am. I want to taste all of you.”

What a silly thing to say.

“I’m not as good as berries,” Harry pointed out. They were sweet and bright and wonderful.

“I imagine you’re better than berries, little bear. Way better.” Master Lion leaned in and licked the water from his collarbone.

Harry gasped, his body tightening and flooding with sudden heat.

Another lick slid along his skin, Master Lion holding his hands on the broad shoulders, keeping them there. “You taste divine, Harry.”

He lifted his hand from beneath Master Lion’s and licked the back. “I taste clean.”

“I can taste more than just clean. There’s something very… little bear, very you about the flavor of your skin.”

“Do you taste differently from me?”

“I figure I do. Would you like to taste me?”

“It’s okay?” He didn’t want to do anything wrong.

Master Lion nodded. “I want you to taste me. Please?”

He leaned forward, licking a long line along Master Lion’s collarbone.

Master Lion moaned and tilted his head to the side. “More, please.”

“More.” Harry let his tongue drag over the stubbled throat.

“Your tongue feels so good on my skin,” Master Lion told him. “Like it’s magic.”

“No. This is tasting. Magic is different.”

“Is it? Are you sure this isn’t a kind of magic?” Master Lion asked, head still tilted, offering him lots of skin.

“No. No, I’m not sure.” He licked again, floating closer.

“Your licks feel so good.” Master Lion’s voice had dropped.

“You taste like clean and wind and grasses.”

“See? That’s different than how you taste. You taste clean and sweet, like wild berries.”

The best part was the clean. That was best.

Master Lion pressed their lips together again, tongue tasting the inside of his mouth. It made him ache inside, like he was heavy, like he was thick. Drawing a hand down his back, Master Lion stroked his skin.

His body began to fill, his penis becoming erect, and he swatted at it.

“Careful, little bear! Be gentle with that.” Master Lion stroked his penis, making it even harder.

“I’ll...This…” He couldn’t think, his eyes crossed.

“Shh. It feels good, doesn’t it? I want to make you feel good.” Master Lion wrapped his hand right around Harry’s cock and began to stroke. Harry felt each pull throughout his whole body.

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