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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday

With the time change coming up this weekend, I thought it'd make a good topic for Throwback Thursday.

When I was a kid, the time change meant nothing. I had no concept of it, just as I was old enough to have a watch, my folks would make me change it twice a year. I can't remember if I'd be extra tired or anything even.

It was in my teenage years that it started to make a difference. Once a year I lost an hour of sleep and I hated that! The fall time change, though, that one was always awesome - a whole extra hour to sleep, or to do homework or play.  That preference for the falling back we do in the autumn didn't change as I got older, although it was through my twenties when I'd forget about it - I can remember showing up to my folks for dinner an hour early one year, having totally forgotten about the time change.

Being so connected as we are now to the internet with computers and laptops and iPhones and iPads etc, it's kind of hard not to be aware of the time change. Even if you forget that it's the falling back weekend, your computer time changes automatically, so you know what time it is.

I still prefer falling back over springing forward, but honestly, I would rather not do either. Let's just call it. We'll fall back on Saturday and be done. No more jumping forward or backward, no more having to adjust and losing or gaining an hour. Just one time for always. Please, could we do that?

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