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Friday, October 16, 2015

Random Friday

I'm having sweet and sour chicken balls for lunch, along with an eggroll and possibly some shrimp with soft egg noodle. Yum. Though I'm betting the take-out north american version of it has very little resemblance to actual Chinese food.

I got  my Coastal Magic t-shirts in the mail. It's beginning to feel real. Beginning of February in Florida - if you're there, please come and say hi!

I'm enjoying some of the new TV shows this fall. Blindspot, Limitless, Minority Report, Code Black and The Player, just to name a few. I'm not very impressed with the new comedies. But I find there are far more misses with those than hits.

I'm loving the fall weather! It's been cold at night the last few days and I sleep so much better when it is. Plus I love having to put on a hoodie. Speaking of hoodies, I am now the proud owner of an extremely orange jack o lantern hoodie. It's obnoxious and I love it.

Oh, Halloween is just around the corner. Have I mentioned lately that I love Halloween? I just wish October wasn't moving quite so quickly.

I've started the next Fairytale Shifters story, but it won't be out for a while -- it promises to be a fair bit longer than the first two. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Yeah, I had to go with that kind of bear - I just had to.

I have black thumbs. Seriously. I can't keep any plants alive. Not even cacti. I'm not sure how I do it, but they all die.

I hope everyone has a kickass weekend. I myself will be working.

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  1. Wasp happened to the Raspberry canes you planted last year? Did they grow or did "The Black Thumb" get them?

  2. LOLLL yes I"m sure it does. We have a couple of local Chinese restaurants that have "American" menus and "Chinese" menus and the listings are VERY different.

    ooh YAY for hoodies! I"m thinking about buying a couple of new ones.

    YAY for Goldilocks and the Three Bears !!!!

    have a great weekend. (sorry abt your black thumbs, I do fine with outdoor plants, but kill just about every indoor plant I've ever had O__O)