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Friday, October 2, 2015

Random Friday

First of all, how is it already October? No, seriously, I know I always say time is going so fast, but OMG, how is September over and gone and done already? Arg.

Second of all, fall weather! I've actually been cold in the mornings with the windows open, and I'm wearing warm slippers and hoodies. So happy about this. I do love me some fall.

Third of all, it's Halloween month! This is very happy making for me. Halloween is my very favourite holiday, with Christmas super close behind. I love the costumes and the kids. I love putting together little bags of goodies to hand out. I love the decorations. I have a crazy blow up dragon whose wings flap that will go out front this weekend. I have a Halloween wreath with skulls and pumpkins and orange and black streamers and ribbons up on the front door. And I have a plaster carved pumpkin with an evil expression and that lights up orange inside that I put out on the front step yesterday. Because lo, October 1, I can decorate for Halloween.

I also love all the mini versions of chocolates and candies. I always buy more than I'm going to need (and often I start like now so I can eat what I've got and go buy more) and I always buy stuff that I like so that when there are leftovers, I have to eat them.

Meanwhile, I am very behind. Behind. Get it? The behinds to the right. Okay, yes, there are times when holding my hand up, fingers spread and saying "I'm five" is pretty accurate ;)

Seriously, though, I am behind. Or at least struggling hard just to keep up. It's not even like I'm any busier than I was, although the todo list seems to want me to believe that I am. I don't know. I just keep plugging away at everything and try not to worry too hard. Possibly with the cooler weather, I'm more awake and aware and realize that I'm super busy while in the summer months, it just doesn't have any impact because the heat knocks me out. Just a theory.

Forty-seven days until I get on a plane and go visit BA and Julia for Thanksgiving. This'll be... I don't know, a lot of years in a row and more than that altogether. It's a grand tradition and one that I'm more than happy to continue every year.

Well, that to do list isn't going to do itself so I guess I should get back to tackling it. Hopefully I will get a chance to do a couple of smutterday posts tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, all.
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  1. I love fall and Halloween but somehow I wasn't quite ready for it? LOL it's like the year is just SPEEDING by. But we've got some of our Halloween stuff out as well and Yup, I've been wearing a hoodie as well, and jeans, and tennis shoes!

    Good luck with your todo list, mine just keeps getting longer....

    YAY Turkey day with BA and Julia :D

    Have a good weekend <3333