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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Smutterday - Losing his Cover: The Job

I'm working on catching up on some of the smutty excerpts I've missed doing for my recent releases. This'll be the last one for today.

Losing his Cover: The Job

Alex Ito has worked undercover for eight months – the longest stretch he’s ever done. He’s inhabited Nicky “Little Boy” Kimoto’s life for long enough now that it’s over, he’s not sure about going home to husband Bruce Amadine. What if he’s still more Nicky than Alex?

Walking along the street where they live, Alex sees a sexy, leather-clad, guyliner-eyed man coming out of their home and is taken aback. The shock doesn’t get any easier when he realizes this sexy, ready-for-play man is Bruce. Running on instinct, he follows Bruce to Chains, a BDSM club where it turns out Bruce is tending bar.

Already unsure of his welcome home, Alex feels even more distanced from Bruce and flees the club before Bruce even knows he’s there, retreating to a bad motel and the bottle, just like his undercover identity would.

When the two men finally come face to face, will Bruce be able to find Alex beneath his Nicky Kimoto skin or has this job sucked Alex into the underworld for good?

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smutty excerpt:

Groaning, Bruce wrapped his arms around Alex, holding his lover close. God, he’d missed this so much. Yes, he’d missed talking and being with his lover, too, but he’d missed the physical contact, the love making just as much; it was something he couldn’t have with anyone else.

Bruce moaned, sliding one leg up along the outside of Alex’s thigh. He pressed Alex back onto the bed, following Alex down so they were touching from head to toe. He never stopped kissing Alex, their tongues sliding together. He wanted more. He wanted it all.

“When’s the last time you had a blow job?” he asked, suddenly drooling at the thought of Alex’s cock in his mouth, his husband’s musky, deep flavor on his tongue.

“When’s the last time you gave me one?” Alex replied.

“Good answer. And too fucking long ago.”

He worked his way down Alex’s body, dropping kisses as he went. Skin warm and smooth, Alex felt amazing under his lips.

Alex’s prick filled nicely, curving up toward his belly. Bruce stopped his downward trajectory when he got to Alex’s nipples, giving them each a little kiss hello. He lingered over the right, tongue flicking back and forth.

“I love you.” Alex stared down at him, eyes heavy-lidded and unfocused.

“Uh-huh. And I love you. So much.” He kept moving, following the line between Alex’s ab muscles to his navel. Bruce circled it with his tongue.


He did love the sound of his name in Alex’s voice.

Bruce placed a kiss on Alex’s belly button and smiled. “Patience, I’m almost there. I need to say hello to the bits in between your mouth and your dick, though.”

“There are bits there?”

“There’s lots of bits. Nothing dangly of course.” Bruce kissed Alex’s navel again, then flicked both nipples with his fingers to prove his point.

Then he dragged his teeth carefully over Alex’s flat belly. He loved the way Alex’s abs flexed for him. Humming, he licked his way to one hip, sucking on Alex’s skin. The little slick line of black hair there fascinated him, Alex’s pubes so tidy, even when the world was chaos. He nuzzled them, his cheek rubbing against Alex’s cock as he did so. The resulting moan had him smiling and he turned his head, finally giving Alex’s erection some attention.

He started at the base, slowly following the big vein up it with his tongue. The scent made him light-headed, made him gasp with sudden need. He didn’t wait a moment longer. Opening his mouth, he took Alex’s cock in. He wrapped his lips around the head and began to suck. The sound of Alex’s cry echoed through the bedroom, and Bruce nodded. Good. Very good. It was going to take a lot of those sounds for the place to really feel like his husband was home for good, but this was a very good start.

He went down as far as he could, finding he needed to work his way along the long cock. Damn, he was out of practice. He guessed Gerry at the Chain was right—he needed to get carrots to stay up to date. He took a little more in, then bobbed his head a few times, then managed a bit more. Oh yeah. He could do this. Just like he used to. He hollowed his cheeks, sucking for all he was worth.

“I...” The choked noise proved more than anything that Alex was close.

Bruce nodded as best he could to let Alex know he was cool with that. He wanted that flavor in his mouth again. His tongue was parched for it.

When Alex came it was almost like his lover was surprised, like he was shocked to get the pleasure. Swallowing Alex’s cum down, loving the taste, Bruce vowed to himself that he’d make sure Alex was spoiled by pleasure, drowning in it.

smut fixes everything

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