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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Smutterday - His Very Own Vampire

His Very Own Vampire

Vampire Truelock’s job for the last several hundred years has been protecting the President of Archer Industries, a family-run company that has done very well for itself. Since the current patriarch, Desmond Archer, is getting ready to officially retire from the company that more or less runs itself, he sends True on a mission to protect his estranged grandson Lane.

Lane’s mother stopped speaking to her father Desmond when Lane was only a few years old and has told her son that his grandparents are all dead. He has no idea that he’s even an heir to a fortune. So when a handsome stranger steps in and saves him from bodily hard just when he needs it, he’s both grateful and a little suspicious. That suspicion only grows when bad things continue to happen to him, all seeming to stem from True’s arrival and his claim that he’s been sent by Lane’s grandfather to protect him.

The fact that there’s insane chemistry between Lane and True doesn’t help either of them untangle the mystery regarding the danger’s source. Can they find the answers before Lane’s unknown enemies manage to do him permanent damage?

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smutty excerpt:

“Where do you want me?” True asked.

“I’ll suck you off. Come here.”

They both shifted until Lane was on his knees between True’s legs. He spread them wider, giving Lane full access to his cock, which pushed out of his open pants like it was a race. His nostrils flared as he watched Lane lick his lips. True groaned, anticipating that tongue on his flesh. He hadn’t had a man who loved sucking cock in decades, maybe longer, and surely there hadn’t been anyone like Lane. The fact that everything Lane wanted to do to his cock was pushed into his head only made his need more desperate.

When Lane’s tongue touched the tip of his cock, he cried out, lightning shooting through it, through his balls. He panted, his fingers curling into fists to keep from grabbing Lane’s head and slamming into his mouth. True would let Lane set the pace. For now.

Lane took him, careful inch by inch, swallowing him down in a painfully slow manner.

“Making me crazy.” The urge to simply take what he wanted grew stronger, and a low growl built in his throat, wanting to be a scream, wanting out. He panted, his nostrils flaring.

Lane’s answer was a sharp slap of his tongue, right across True’s shaft.

“Fuck!” That sting was fucking amazing. True felt it all the way to his toes and it felt like it was still vibrating inside his cockhead. “Again,” he muttered. He wanted to feel it again.

The tiny, stinging blow rocked him again, stealing his breath.

“Damn, you’re good at that.” It didn’t hurt that there a strong connection between him and Lane, something that had been thrumming between them from the get go. True knew it was pheromones and destiny and lust and chemistry, all coming together. This was what it meant to be destined for each other, to be mates. There was no sense not trusting in it. That made no difference whatsoever. It simply was what it was, and True’s body drew him headlong into it.

He began thrusting his hips, pushing into Lane’s mouth. He still hadn’t grabbed hold of Lane’s head, but only because he’d dug his fingers into the couch cushions. Lane’s mouth was hot, yielding, possibly the sexiest thing he knew.

He finally couldn’t stand it anymore and wrapped his hands around Lane’s head, pumping hard. “Yes! Fuck! Your mouth.” It was like coming home, like being fed. Only better. Deeper somehow.

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