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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Today I self-pubbed a reprint and this one is quite old and hasn't been available for some time. It was originally in the Bedposts and Broomsticks Taste Test and I thought it would be the perfect way to start Halloween Month!

Three Come Together

Sorsha spends his days in the Old Library deep in human territory, reading through the old texts and trying to discover if there’s a solution to the wars between the species that have left the human population decimated. Vampires, werewolves, elves, witches, all have magic on their side, making it a fair fight between them, but leaving humans scrambling to survive. His quiet, secret little world is disrupted one day when a magic being uses a gate to move from the street where Sorsha is walking, to a garden deep in magic territory. Sorsha is sucked into the vortex and transports with the stranger.

For his part, Val is tightly spun and needs Cerus, the other half of him, to function. He does the supply runs into other territories on his own, though, and it’s on the way home from one of these where he accidentally brings Sorsha through the gate with him, right onto his and Cerus’ doorstep.

Sorsha is soon sent on his way, but his life, as well as Val and Cerus’ will never be the same again.

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smutty excerpt:

"What are you thinking, Cerus?" Val's eyes were open, bright.

"Not thinking."

"Liar. You were thinking of..." 

He could feel Val's mind pressing against his own. He shook his head, pulling away from the touch. "Nosy."

"The pretty human. You liked him."

"So did you. You gave him my magic carpet," Cerus accused

"I..." Val pinked. "I was tired."

"You thought he was pretty." Cerus cupped Val's cheek, bringing their mouths together.

Val's tongue slid over his lips. "He was pretty. His eyes were..."

"Yes, like ours mixed together." He'd noticed it too.

"Yes, and he smelled sweet."

"He was caring," Cerus added.



"Yes, for a human. Special," Val suggested.

Cerus nodded, their mouths clinging, his hand petting Val's belly, then cupping the heavy balls. The kisses blossomed, grew deep and heavy, his hand moving, Val's need sliding into his mind. Images of the pretty human danced between them, soft skin to touch, heated kisses from a mouth not their own. Hands in his hair, teeth on his throat, low, needy cries on the air. Cerus rolled, their shafts sliding together in an ancient, familiar rhythm and Val's legs wrapped around his waist, the scent of them heady, warm. 

"You want him," Val said.

"You want him." He pushed harder. "Why? Why him?"

"I..." Val arched, pushing, panting. "I don't know."

They kept moving, moaning, bodies rocking, sliding together. They came in unison, their minds snapping together, sharing everything for those breathless, perfect moments. They curled together, panting, rubbing, the magics singing between them, an image of the pretty human again appearing between them. 

smut fixes everything

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