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Saturday, October 31, 2015

A little Halloween naughtiness!

The King of Halloween
By Sean Michael

Jack adored Halloween Night. It was the only night of the year he was allowed out to mingle among the humans and he took full advantage of it. He got to wear his best suit and top hat, and his cape fluttered around him, blowing in the breeze. His skull topped cane shone in the moonlight.

He knew he looked good; he'd primped and preened for hours, waiting for dusk to fall. He'd picked a large city -- he almost always did as the pickings were better and he was likely to run into all sorts.

He walked among the humans as if he was one himself, grinning at the costumes and looking beyond to see what kind of nature was hidden beneath them.
He gave one wicked devil a kiss, just stopped the man in the street and cupped his face, drawing him in. He swept his tongue through the devil's mouth, and fucked it a few times before letting go. It earned him a gasp and a soft moan and he waved as he moved on.

He needed a blow-job to take the edge off, then he would look for an innocent to debauch.

There was a group of three coming toward him. The devil and angel were clearly together -- their costumes a perfect match. Their friend however, was on his own, single and very horny -- hoping to get lucky tonight, or his name wasn't Jack, King of Halloween.

Jack grinned as he approached, smiling at the devil and angel before cupping the cheek of the lovely boy in the French Maid costume.

"Duck into this alley with me -- the night is young and you'll get to your party with plenty of time to find someone to spend the rest of it with."

The huge dark eyes held no argument. In fact, they were filled with a decadent hunger, one he could sip from for eons. Perfect.

"He'll catch up," Jack told the man's companions and waved, sending a little bit of ease their way so they wouldn't question it.

Then he took his little French Maid into the alley, finding a doorway to slip into and hide from the street. "And what do they call you, my pretty boy?"

"Sammy. I'm a Sammy."

Jack could feel that sweet cock filling under Sammy's skirt. "Yes, you are, aren't you?"

Cupping Sammy's chin, he took a kiss. A lightning bolt of pure pleasure shot between them, Sammy's low cry splitting the air.

Oh, this was most unexpected and most welcome. Jack pulled Sammy to him, deepening the kiss. How utterly delicious.

Grabbing hold of Sammy's ass, he squeezed the twin globes. They fit perfectly in his hands, as if Sammy had been made for him. Groaning, he tugged Sammy in even tighter, rubbing their cocks together as he fucked Sammy's sweet mouth with his tongue.

He'd expected to find pleasure, but this felt like so much more.

Jack tore the gauzy fishnets, baring Sammy's sweet little ass. He ran his fingers across it, scraping the warm skin. He swallowed the hiss he got and bit at Sammy's lower lip.

Sammy's heavy cock pushed at the lacy skirt, staining the black fabric. He reached up under that skirt, finding the hard, hot length. Oh, nice. Very nice. Wrapping his fingers around it, he began to tug. He was very good at trading treats.

Sammy's eyes were huge, shocked, and hungry. Such a lovely wanton. Perhaps he would spend longer than the time it took to get a blow job with this one. Jack laughed silently at himself; there was no perhaps about it.

Jack continued stroking, using his fingers to pinch at the tip of Sammy's cock every few upstrokes. He was going to make this lovely boy shoot. He wanted every second of energy, every pulse of come.

Feeding Sammy one kiss after another, Jack then slid his lips along the lovely jaw. From there he moved down Sammy's neck, teeth beginning to threaten.

"Are you a vampire?" Sammy asked.

Jack laughed out loud this time. "Oh, no, honey. Not even close."

"Oh, good." Sammy gave him a sensual chuckle.

"That doesn't mean I'm not going to bite you." And bite Sammy he did, teeth sinking in. Oh, not far enough to draw blood or break the skin at all, but enough to sting. And to leave a mark. Sammy would know their encounter had been real and would have the souvenir that proved it.

The sharp flavor hit Jack in a rush and proved to be addictive as, well, hell. Laughing once more at his thoughts, he moved down to suck at one of the little nipples that poked against the silky material of Sammy's blouse. He wrapped his lips around the hard protrusion, sucking vigorously as he continued to stroke Sammy's larger hard protrusion.

"Gonna...gonna leave a stain."

He intended to leave so much more than a stain. "Oh, yes, I will." Besides, the skirt was already ruined by Sammy's leaking cock.

Jack moved to the other nipple, knowing that the breeze would blow against the wet material of the blouse and chill Sammy's nipple, make it even harder no doubt. When he went back to suck it again, his mouth would feel even hotter than it originally had.

He could feel the other hard bit reaching for his teeth, begging for a touch. He was more than happy to oblige, bringing his teeth closed around the little bit of flesh. Sammy arched for him and he replaced his teeth with his lips, sucking hard.

Sammy's nipples would sting tomorrow, be aching and hard and undeniable. Another proof that this had happened, that Sammy had been visited by Jack, the King of Halloween.

Jack found a rhythm between his hand and mouth, using it to send Sammy toward his orgasm. Suck and tug and pull and bite.

"Close. Dude. I'm going to go off," Sammy warned him.

Jack let go of the sweet nipple he'd been torturing and grinned at Sammy. "That's the point, isn't it?" Then he took a hard kiss. "And when you've had your turn, you can blow me."

He squeezed the tip of Sammy's cock between his fingers. Spunk bubbled up between them, hot and male and wet. He breathed in deeply, moaning at the scent, at the promise of a taste of salted Sammy on the air.

He stroked a few more times, drawing as much pleasure out of the lad as he could, then he brought his come-covered fingers up to his lips. He licked them most thoroughly, lapping the salt off his fingers, enjoying the flavor of pure male.

"You taste delicious, Sammy."

In the spirit of giving, he took Sammy's mouth, sharing the flavor of his lover with his lover himself. Sammy opened eagerly, tongue sliding against his. Sammy moaned softly and pushed against him, but before they could get lost in the kiss, Jack eased Sammy down on his ruined stockings.

"You've had your pleasure, my boy. Now it's my turn." He slid his hand through Sammy's hair and widened his feet slightly before settling his ass against the door behind him. He couldn't wait to feel Sammy's mouth around his cock.

He rubbed his thumb over Sammy's red-painted lips, smiling down into eyes that were painted black. "I'm messing up your make-up, boy." And he thought Sammy looked all the better for it.

This boy was an angel, and Jack was in the middle of ravaging him.

"Careful with my zipper and take your prize," he ordered softly.

Sammy's hands shook as the needy little wanton bared his prick.

"That's enough. Suck me." He loved the sight of his cock disappearing into a needy mouth.

The extra red from Sammy's lipstick was new, and it gave him a little zing. Even better would be when the lipstick had worn off and Sammy's lips were swollen and dark from his task alone.

Groaning, Jack curled his hands into fists so he didn't grab Sammy's head and fuck his mouth. Not yet. That would come soon, though. Soon he would bury his cock into Sammy and feel the convulsions around him.

For now, he held onto his need, watching as Sammy began to slowly bob, the dips almost tentative. "You can do better than that, boy."

Near black eyes shot up toward him, the challenge clear. In this light Sammy’s eyes had the look of a demon and it was sexy as hell in the still mostly innocent face.

Jack grinned wildly, and took off his gloves slowly, as if he was just leaning there casually. He glanced at his fingers, blew across them, before returning his gaze to Sammy's.

Sammy's groan was pure, unadulterated need.

"Now show me what you've got before I take it."

The lips around him began to pull, sucking harder and faster, Sammy's tongue slapping his shaft.

"That's it, sweet boy. More. Give me more."

Sammy's groan vibrated all around his shaft and it was a very good start on the more front. Jack took a deep breath, not wanting to lose it too soon. Wicked boy.

Jack did love this job.

Finally, he could wait no more, and he wrapped his fingers around Sammy's skull, holding on tight. He began to thrust, fucking the sweet mouth for all he was worth. Sammy took him deep, swallowing around him, the convulsions rocking around his prick, giving him so much pleasure.

"Once more." He slammed in deep again and this time as Sammy swallowed, he came.

Those eyes met his again, this time pure, total black, and he smiled, allowing his teeth to show. He had this boy in the palm of his hand. This boy who was on his knees in front of Jack, worshiping him as was his due. He’d taken the sweet innocent and debauched his soul.

Sammy cleaned his prick with slow and easy motions and Jack stretched languidly, the pleasure coursing gently through him.

"Very good, boy." Now he wanted that ass. "Keep me hard and it's yours."

Sammy's tongue slapped his cock hard enough this time to sting. Jack gasped, shocked at this sweet one's daring. Perhaps it was his seed that had given Sammy so much confidence.

Sammy's tongue hit again, bringing him up on tiptoe.

"Cheeky boy."

Those black eyes twinkled, and the suction began again, fierce and wild, sharp. Jack groaned, his head falling back and landing against the door with a thunk. They had success -- there was no way he was going to soften now. He ached with renewed need.

He cock went deep into Sammy's throat again and he had to take some breaths to stay under control, despite the fact that he'd just come. He wanted in that sweet, tight ass.

"Up," he demanded, hand wrapping around Sammy's right arm. He tugged the boy up, taking a himself-flavored kiss.

Sammy's leg wrapped around him, the lad utterly unconcerned with his shredded stockings. Jack appreciated the abandon. He was always into being more important than clothes.

He grabbed hold of Sammy's thigh and tugged him in closer as he deepened the kiss. He fucked Sammy's mouth like he wanted to fuck the sweet ass. He turned them, pressing Sammy's back to the bricks.

"Put your legs around my waist," he ordered, his hands grabbed Sammy's ass, fingers digging in. The nylon snarled and tore, Sammy wrapping around him.

Sammy wasn't heavy at all and he hoisted him a bit higher and shifted him. That let him bring Sammy's hole to where his cock could slide along it. He groaned, the heat of Sammy's crack delicious.

"Take me, Jack." The hiss echoed through him, bounced down along his spine. Giving orders. Such balls on this one.

Jack pressed the head of his cock against Sammy's hole, eyes widening in surprise at how Sammy was already slick. Naughty boy.

He didn't play; he simply pushed in and bit down into one of Sammy's shoulders. Sammy cried out, body so tight around his cock. Groaning, Jack began to thrust, pushing in again and again. They found an immediate connection, a rhythm that went from steady to slamming in seconds.

It felt amazing. Astounding. Moaning loudly, he slammed in harder, shifting to find Sammy's gland.

"Jack!" His name rang out, filling the air like a roar.

He stayed right there, pounding into that sweet little spot. Each punch in earned him another cry from Sammy. The fine features sharpened, black gaze fastened to him.

"I have you." And he was making Sammy his very own.

"You do." Sammy's ass was fire around his cock, slick, tight fire.

"I might have to keep you." He kept punching in, burying himself deep every time.

"That would be dangerous," Sammy warned.

"I like a little danger." Every word came with another thrust.

"Good. I like a lot."

Oh, this was no innocent. Jack stared deeper into Sammy's eyes as he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts. He could see himself reflected in the depths of Sammy's eyes. He could drown in those eyes.

"Sammy... Sammy."

"My beloved Jack."

His eyes widened as the truth of it slammed through him. "Samhain!"

He slammed in once more, his spunk shooting from him and going deep.

His mischievous lord laughed softly, taking him in, holding him tight. He pressed their mouths together, taking that laughter in and tasting it, letting it fill him. The world swirled, the magic sharp in his nose.

He held on tight, still buried in Sammy's ass, his fingers digging in as he pressed as close as he could.

"Shall we find someone to play with?" The words whispered in the depths of his mind, Samhain right there.

"Always, my lord." Jack had never expected to have Lord Samhain’s body to use for his pleasure and now that he had, he would not deny his lord a single request.

The fact that Samhain had put himself in Jack's path was gift enough, to play with him as well... Jack always had wanted Halloween Night to last more than one night, now he wanted it to last all year long. With Lord Samhain at his side, just maybe it would.

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  1. Great short story perfect for Halloween thank you

    1. You're welcome - it was my pleasure :)

  2. Perfect! Thank you, and Happy Halloween. :)

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