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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Smutterday - Fairytale Shifters: Rapunzel

As promised today I have a smutty excerpt of Rapunzel for you.

Fairytale Shifters: Rapunzel

When Guerilla Contracting is called out after hours to deal with electrical problems at the circus, gorilla shifter Joe expects to encounter animals in cages. He doesn’t like it, but knows it’s part of the territory when it comes to circuses. What he doesn’t expect to find is a naked man in the giraffe cage.

Giraffe has lived his entire life as an attraction at the zoo, moving from his home-cage to the work-cage and back. He’s not allowed to let anyone know he’s a shifter, and doesn’t mean to get caught as a man when Joe comes by his cage. Joe is nice, though, and when he asks Giraffe to come away with him, Giraffe does.

Joe’s interest in Giraffe shifts as he secrets Giraffe away to his home in the country, becoming about more than just saving Giraffe from his cage.

Could it be possible that Giraffe feels the same way Joe does, or will he want to return to the only home he’s ever known?

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smutty excerpt:

Joe woke up a few times in the night, unused to sleeping with someone. Not that he was complaining, it felt good sharing his bed with Rafe, good enough that he didn’t mind being woken. He woke for the last time at some point after dawn, the light creeping in through the windows. He nuzzled into Rafe’s neck, his arms wrapped around the long body.

Rafe stretched, belly growling against Joe’s torso. His giraffe was hungry. Joe stroked the noisy stomach, making soothing noises. Rafe’s soft little sounds made him want to draw Rafe close, cradle him. When the noises continued, he did exactly that, keeping Rafe safe and warm against him. He wouldn’t let anything hurt this beautiful creature.

A soft sigh brushed his cheek, tickling his hair with the gentle exhale. It made him shiver and he held Rafe tighter, the long curls like silk. He felt Rafe blink against him, eyelashes tickling his skin.
He had morning wood, that was normal. But now it was growing harder, Rafe’s unwitting touches sweet and arousing. Rafe touched him, fingers sliding over his belly, tracing his cock, completely unashamed. He moaned, surprised by Rafe’s touches, but also pleased by them. He guessed shame was learned and Rafe hadn’t had a chance to learn that about touching and sex.

He reciprocated, reaching for Rafe’s cock and touching it, learning the shape of it. It was long, which seemed fitting. Rafe arched slowly, the motion dreamlike, graceful. Joe hummed, wrapping his hand around Rafe’s cock and pulling slowly, wanting to bring pleasure. A low sound rang out, filled the air with an odd music, and Joe kept stroking, wanting more of those noises. They made his belly warm and his cock even harder. Rafe matched him stroke for stroke, joining with him.

He gasped softly, eyes going to Rafe’s face. He stared into the golden brown eyes, seeing his own pleasure reflected back at him. Beautiful man. For the first time since he’d seen Rafe, the man looked confident, sure. Smiling, Joe slowly brought their mouths together, giving Rafe time to back off if he didn’t kiss. Rafe chuckled and pushed into Joe’s arms, a happy murmur brushing his lips.

Joe dipped his tongue between Rafe’s lips and into the warm, wet mouth. He tasted Rafe, the flavor green and grassy, slightly wild in the way only one of their kind could be. Rafe fed him another merry little laugh and their tongues touched. A sensation like an electrical shock went through him and he moaned, one hand dropping to Rafe’s ass. He brought their bodies together, rubbing hard.

Rafe grabbed him, eyes bright, awake, and aware. Joe hadn’t expected the passion and joy to be right there for the taking. But it was. He took another kiss, sucking on the tip of Rafe’s tongue. He supposed this should be expected. Sex was natural as breathing.

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