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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Hammer Club Series

Today only the Hammer Club novels are on sale - there's a 25% rebate over on All Romance Ebooks. I believe the sale ends at midnight (central time) tonight. So I thought it made the perfect opportunity to make the Hammer Club books my Throwback Thursday for this week.

I've mentioned before but the whole Hammer Club grew out of a tiny cameo that Jim and Marcus had in a short story set in the Between Friends universe. Peter and Sammy visit a friend of Peter's who is a leather artist to pick out a whip and Jim answers the door. And BAM! I knew I had to write Jim and his master's story. You can find that short story here: Testing Leather. (The Between Friends books are the first series listed on my book page.)

So Bent was the first book I wrote and the guys just wouldn't shut up. It's a long one and every now and then the guys poke me to write the rest of their story. I think if I let them, I could be writing them for the rest of my life. Not a bad thing, I just haven't had a chance to do anything like that yet. Too many men, too little time!

Sidenote - Bent is one of my favorite covers ever. It's just perfect.

When Montana and Billy showed up, they took place well before the events of Bent - Tanny and Jim are close in age, but Billy found Montana when he was 18, while Marcus found Jim when he was in his late twenties.

Most of the other books all take place after Bent and can be safely read in the order they were written. The notable exception is Push, which takes place shortly after the Montana and Billy books, and Drawn takes place before Montana and Billy. But at the same time, I don't think reading them out of order would leave anyone confused, aside of course from the three Montana and Billy books that have to be read in order - Found, Snared and Owned.

Then there's the two side series that the Hammer Club inspired - the Briar Rose books, which follow from Sold - Adam and Matt go to the east coast and start their BDSM B&B (say that ten times fast!) - and the Box of Nails books which came out of the idea in Trust that the workers at the Hammer Club are often not very well off and the cheaper areas to live around the club aren't the best neighborhoods, so when Devin came into some money, he bought this big old dilapidated house near the club and turned it into the 'sub house' where Hammer Club subs could find cheap, safe lodging and have like-minded boys to share their off-time with.

Needless to say, I will be forever grateful for that little cameo by Jim and Marcus.

Hell, the Between Friends series began when I got this flash of an image in my head of two couples sitting on the couch talking about their love life and it spawned four novels. I suppose that's really where it all began!

Anyway as I'm often asked about a reading order, I thought I'd give one here. As I always say, I'd start with Bent, even though it isn't the first chronologically, just because it was the first one I wrote and I think it works well as an introduction to the series. From there, I'd work chronologically. If I were to place Bent in chronologically, it would go after Push.

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Combine (coming December 9!)

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  1. Love the Hammer books. I looked at the ARE site (for a couple I didn't already have), and their pricing is not correct if the discount is 25%. 4.99 down to 2.81, until you get to check out.

  2. I have them all. Wouldn't mind more either. Maybe some on audio one day?

  3. I have them all. Wouldn't mind more either. Maybe some on audio one day?