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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I recently saw Mad Max: Fury Road.

I know when I first heard that it was coming out, I was skeptical. The first ones hold a special place in my heart. They were a part of what formed my great love for post-apocalyptic fiction and movies. Back when Mel Gibson was young and gorgeous and not insane. I wasn't sure I was ready to see someone else reinterpret the series. Then I found out that George Miller had written and directed this one, too and I knew I wanted to give it ago.

I thought this movie fit in very well with the others. The only problem being that Max didn't sound Australian. I missed that heavy accent.

I thought Charlize Theron's character was great and I loved all the bone guys, their beliefs that they were going to be reborn into Valhalla.

Honestly, though, it was a movie about a no holds barred road race, which I would have thought might bore me, but in this case did not. Even more amazing was learning afterward that while there were wires and padding used to help keep the actors/stuntfolks safe, that most of what you saw on the screen was actually done -- there was very little cgi in this movie -- most of it being to round out the scenery.

Now I want to watch the first three again.

I can remember renting the original Mad Max on VHS and watching it at the neighbors when I babysat their cat (he was a stubborn cur who would knock over every plant in the place and everything else not tied down if someone didn't come in and spend at least an hour sitting with him and showering him with affection). They had this tiny little square TV.

Then the second one was shown on the big screen at one of the repertoire theatres and on my god, I sat there and shook for almost the entire movie. It was just so intense and so violent and right there in your face on the big screen.

The third one doesn't really match the first two but I still loved it. Especially at the end when those who Max saved sit and tell the story of the man who helped them escape and who still wanders in the desert.

I did mention my love of all things post-apocalyptic, right?

So if you liked the first two Mad Max movies, you'll probably enjoy Fury Road. Hell, if you like demolition derbies, you'll probably like the movie, too ;)

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  1. I LOVED Fury Road, so much! You're right, it was so actiony! I think that might have been why I loved it so much. I hope they continue down this new path tbh.