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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Smutterday - Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast

I should have posted this excerpt for Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast ages ago, but better late than never! This is my first all new self-publish, so a big thank you to my editor and cover artist for helping make this one top-notch.

I'm busy working on the next one in the series, which will feature a gorilla shifter and a giraffe shifter. The fairytale? Rapunzel.

Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast

As a rhino shifter, Tromp knows that he’s not the sexiest beast in the world. In fact he’s clumsy and he can’t see very well, and that’s whether he’s in his human or animal form. Still, he enjoys going to the bar and watching the other shifters hooking up, especially the dancers. Then he sees a slinky kitty dancing on the little stage and he’s immediately smitten. He knows a sexy beauty like that would never go for him, but he’s happy just to watch and fantasize about what could be.

For his part, panther shifter Pepper might be gorgeous on the outside, but he knows most people see him as nothing more than a piece of meat and he’s had a hard past. There’s something in the way the big rhino shifter looks at him while he dances, though, that makes him feel special. So when his stint on the stage is over, he heads right to the rhino’s table.

Can Tromp and Pepper ignore the world’s expectations and find what they need in each other?

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smutty excerpt:

Pepper hummed. “Oh. Lovely.”

He nodded; his home was lovely, comfortable, and his, but when he looked over, Pepper was staring at him. He swallowed and took the bull by the horns. So to speak.

Bending, he pressed his mouth against Pepper’s, the touch of their lips together zinging through him, making him gasp. He might not want to dance, but he definitely wanted to touch.

He put his hands on Pepper’s waist and kept pressing their lips together. One kiss flowed into the next and it felt really good, made his whole body hard. Pepper traced his chest with surprisingly large hands, appreciative sounds pushing into his lips. Groaning, he opened his mouth and slid his tongue along Pepper’s lips. Pepper tasted like beer and something else, something wild. Pepper’s tongue was the barest bit rough.

He hadn’t expected that, but it made sense and it was hot. He wondered what it would feel like on his cock. Groaning, he pulled Pepper closer. Pepper cuddled in, going all slinky pussycat. He walked backward, not asking if Pepper wanted a coffee or anything. They were going to make love because that’s what they were both here for.

They could try coffee later. Much later.

His big couch hit the backs of his thighs and he sat on the cushions, legs spreading to accommodate Pepper. The whole time he never stopped kissing. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten so lost in kisses.

Pepper moved against him, the motion constant, steady, new. He liked it, and he slid his hand down to Pepper’s ass, pulling Pepper in closer so the movements brought their groins together.

“Mmm. You’re big.” Pepper’s eyes crinkled at the corners. “A beast.”

He nodded, he was. For most people it was too much; he was scary, ungainly, but Pepper seemed to revel in his beastliness. “You’re not. You’re lovely and slinky.”

“I try to be.” Pepper arched back, grinding their pricks together.

His cock went immediately from merely interested to rock hard, and he gasped, reaching to make sure Pepper didn’t overbalance and fall. He slid the fingers of one hand to Pepper’s ass, stroking the firm globes. The taut muscles jerked and rolled, fascinating his fingers.

He wanted to feel Pepper’s skin under his fingertips, so he tugged out the silky shirt and worked his fingers into Pepper’s tight pants. Or at least he tried to, but they were tight and his hands were big and strong and the sound of material tearing was huge. Oh fuck.

“Oops?” he tried.

Pepper blinked and stared at him a second, then began to giggle. He took a breath and chuckled, pleased that Pepper wasn’t upset. And he had his hands on Pepper’s skin. No underwear. He liked Pepper’s style.

Squeezing, he dug his fingers into Pepper’s ass.

“I don’t break so easy, gorgeous beast,” Pepper told him.

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