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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Smutterday - Smoke

This one is a self-pubbed reprint from an anthology called Monsters. It's a short one at only 2000 words, but it has a bit of a boo theme, which makes it perfect for Halloween Month! And it's only 99 cents!


Jeff and his friends go to the park to summon a pleasure demon on Halloween night. It’s supposed to be a joke, a lark. A dare. They follow the instructions from the book they found, but suddenly everything changes and something very real comes out. Or does it? When the encounter is over, Jeff discovers that his friends have had a very different experience from his own.

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smutty excerpt:

"You offered to pay me a price, pretty human..." The voice, low and deep, bass, rumbling, came from all around him.

"A price? What price?" He didn't remember a price. There was no price. There couldn't be. It hadn't been a part of the deal. At least not intentionally.

"Pleasure, pretty. You promised me pleasure..."

"Oh." It was more squeak than word and he jerked as he automatically tried to back up, to back away.
Well that didn't sound too terrible. Of course, this was a demon and one demon's pleasure was another man's pain. He squeaked again. The mist cupped his balls, weighed them, the smoke becoming fingers, rolling, squeezing.

He gasped. "What are you doing?"

"Are you an innocent?" A pressure slid along the cleft of his ass.

"Not that innocent! Stop that!" It was as if he had no clothes on at all, the smoke just melting through his jeans.

"Stop what?" There was that damned laugh again, low and wicked.

It made a shiver go down his back. This... demon was going to play with him. To taunt him, he could feel it in the insistent weight of the smoke and that laugh. Something hot and wet like a tongue, but rough as a cat's, brushed his neck, slid around his throat. Oh. Fuck. He whimpered, body going stiff. All of it. From his toes to his hair and all points in between. Including his cock. Oh, God, how could he be liking this?

"Mmm... see? Your body knows how to pay its debts."

"I..." He what? Didn't want it? That was patently untrue and more than just his cock knew it.

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