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Friday, October 30, 2015

Random Friday -- Halloween Edition

Is it still random if it's all about Halloween? Or if it's mostly Halloween images? Well, I'm counting it as random, so there.

I do love Halloween. I think it's in part because the advent of Halloween includes the cooler weather that I do love. Then there's candy and dressing up and having fun. There's scary movies and things that go bump in the night.

I've mentioned before about not being the biggest horror movie fan, but I do enjoy a good horror novel and if I've got someone to keep me company, I'll do the horror movies as well! I tend to like the ones that are so bad they're fun, though. Like Deep Blue Sea and the first Sharknado.

And then tomorrow it'll all be over. Boom just like that. Christmas at least has a gradual over withitness, but Halloween always gives me a bit of that's it hangover.

This particular image makes me want to do a story with a gargoyle shifter. It seriously is giving me ideas...

He looks like he'd be a great grumpy character who wants everyone to think he's tough as nails, but who has a marshmallow center for the right guy. The gargoyle and the priest -- oh yes, it definitely gives me some great ideas!Sea

What's spooky for me is that I have done some asskicking on the to do list and yet the damn list doesn't seem to have shrunk at all! What's up with that? Of course I'm trying to get as much as possible done before I head off to visit with BA and Julia mid-November for Thanksgiving. I can't wait! And yet, I need the time left before then to get stuff done!  So busy weekend, even though it's Halloween.

I wish everyone a fantastic weekend and stay turned here for an extra treat for your bag!

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