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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympics Watching Fool

Been watching the Olympics non-stop the last two days. I shall happily continue to do so until they are over. Although I admit, usually by the end I'm happy there isn't another week of it ;)


  • I still love Michael Phelps and I'm hoping he wins gold in every race he does. 
  • Soccer players are thin and often tall while rugby players are thick and usually short.
  • Beach volleyball is exciting and I love the games that go back and forth scoring-wise.
  • They've scheduled the swimming finals so they can air live during the prime-time evening hours. There's something wrong about the TV stations being able to dictate that kind of thing.
  • There's a lot of sports I know very little about but love watching during the Olympics.
  • Every sport has it's own lingo and before the games are over, I'll be tossing around that lingo like I'm a pro.
  • Did I mention the swimming, especially the men's? I do love Michael Phelps.
  • The abs on the women beach volleyball players. Fucking stunning.
  • It's not just the soccer and rugby players - the athletes all have differently shaped bodies depending on what sport they are participating in.
  • The divers have stunning bodies and in those little speedos, they are all on display.
  • I love Michael Phelps' arm flap thing he does at the start. 
  • Games are much more fun to watch if they are close.
  • I prefer the individual gymnastics rounds over the team events. I don't know why, I just do.
  • I'm never so patriotic as during the Olympics.

Happy watching.

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