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Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Olympic Observations

I am still watching the Olympics. More things I have observed:

  • I still love Michael Phelps.
  • Really, Olympics - you brought back golf?
  • Rugby is a pretty brutal sport, but damn it's fun to watch.
  • Gymnastics is actually long - there's the team all around, the individual all around, and then all the apparatus medals and they do their routines for each of those. 
  • Swimming is long because there are five bazillion different races - between the different strokes combined with different lengths...
  • Speaking of swimming - did I mention I love Michael Phelps?
  • Canadian and American sports announcers are equally annoying.
  • It's winter in Brazil. Their temps in winter are similar to my early summer. I am definitely not moving to Brazil.
  • I have to admit that Rio is gorgeous, though.
  • Archery - dude the guy from Italy totally looks like he's just gotten up off the couch and said (in Italian) hey, I can do that.
  • All the martial arts, boxing, and fencing get the short shrift when it comes to TV coverage.
  • And yet, they are showing golf. Golf. Why, Olympics, why?
  • I'm not sure that tape that the athletes wear is doing anything other than giving them interesting tans.
  • Don't swallow the water in Brazil. Even if you're swimming in it. And especially if it's green.
  • There is no privacy in the Olympics. The cameras followed the divers into their locker area yesterday where the gold medalists were literally changing from speedos into street clothes with towels around their waists because there were cameras there. I'm surprised they don't have cameras in their dorms.
  • Every time there's an event from Copacabana beach, I start singing the the Barry Manilow song.

Happy Olympics watching!

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