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Saturday, August 6, 2016

How is it Saturday already? AKA The To Do List is Longer Today Than it Was on Monday!

The week really has flown by. The todo list really does remain quite huge and I'm trying not to think of it too much so it doesn't paralyze me.

The touchpad on my laptop stopped working the other day. Luckily I had an external mouse handy to plug into it. Funny how I used to hate the touchpad but after well over a year of using it all the time, I've totally gotten used to it and the mouse (it was a trackball mouse actually) felt really weird. Even more luckily (luckilyer?) the trackpad started working again, just as randomly.

The Olympics have started. I believe I've mentioned before that I do love the Olympics. I love cheering for Canada. I love watching all the athletes from around the world excel. I'm glad Michael Phelps is back for one more Olympics and that Usain Bolt will be running again this year.

It breaks my heart to see how a large percentage of the population live in Brazil, though. It breaks my heart that any child anywhere is stuck in abject poverty, doesn't know where their next meal is coming from and has very little hope for their future.

I got a submission in this week. Next week I have two more completed that need to be gone through and then submitted, and I have the next Underground novel to get to my editor. I hope to have it out at some point in September. This one stars a yummy cop and his equality yummy firefighting dom.

I got the last of the Amber reprints out yesterday. I do love the cover for Welcome to Love, the anthology with the reprints that Amber took and re-released. Now they are re-re-release.

Welcome to Love

There’s nothing like falling in love for the first time. 

Welcome to Love collects seven stories about love, passion and finding your bliss.

In The Good Life, Jack inherits his uncle’s ranch and immediately clashes with foreman Pacer. Can the men find a middle ground before they both lose the ranch forever?

Welcome Home finds two men at different places in their lives. Watson is running away, while Bandy picked up the pieces a long time ago. Can Bandy convince Watson he can make a home for both of them?

Next up, a mystical fast and a desert hideaway bring Burke and Kristopher together. Can they find the strength to believe in fate in Into the Looking Glass?

In Corpus Christi, Jeff is right out of the service while Hunter’s been around the block a few times. Can they find common ground in each other?

No Regrets takes place over the holidays. Singer Drake is burnt out, can his old friend, artist Scott, invites him to stay. Can Drake not only find peace for the holiday season, but also love?

Making Your Own Luck introduces Isaac, who is very superstitious and this Friday the thirteenth is shaping up to be a disaster. Can Rusty turn Isaac’s luck from bad to good?

And finally, in Recipe for Love, meeting under unfortunate circumstances doesn’t stop the attraction from flaring between Jack and Daniel. Can they find the right recipe for love?

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. OOh that is a fantastic cover!

    And yes, the Olympics, so much fun. Watched Michael Phelps get more gold medals last night along with the US Women's Gymnastics team get a team gold. WOO HOOO