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Monday, August 8, 2016

My God It's Monday - Olympic edition

Let's talk Olympics - are you watching? I totally am.

I've had guests the last two days which has messed with my Olympics watching mojo, I've just caught a bit here and there. Starting today, though, I'm focused.

CBC Rio 2016 ap installed on the phone -- check
Channels on TV where they're showing events memorized -- check
New Olympic swimmer book started -- check

Looks like I'm ready!

I do love the Olympics. It's funny because I'm not a huge sports watching person, but give me the Olympics, summer or winter and I am there, morning to night, watching the games. There are always a few, sometimes a lot, of magical moments, stories that make you amazed, that make you stand up and cheer from athletes of all nationalities.

Then there's my favorites, men's swimming and men's gymnastics, beach volleyball (men's and women's) and women's gymnastics. Love those the best, but I will watch whatever is on.

And yes, let me sit firmly in the shallow end of the pool for a moment. These athletes are in incredible shape and simply beautiful to watch. I have a things for abs, men's, women's, a good set of abs makes me extremely happy.

Happy Monday to all.

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