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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Personal Best

Mike and Jessy of Personal Best were the first of the Going for the Gold novels. They're into a little breath play, although there isn't any in the excerpt I chose, which is closer to the beginning of the book.

Personal Best

Mike could be a world class swimmer if he took care of himself better, so his team coach calls in a private trainer, up and coming hardass Jessy Turner. Jessy locks Mike down, putting him on a strict regimen that Mike resents a lot until he finds himself becoming a better swimmer for it.

The two of them resist their attraction to each other for as long as they can, but sooner or later they have to give into the heat between them. When things go wrong, though, can they, and their sports careers, survive the strain?

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smutty excerpt:

Okay. So.

Hot dogs.






Mike packed the groceries in his saddlebags, shivering a little in his leather jacket. Man, he liked it being his night to cook.

He hurried home, the rain turning to sleet about halfway there, the traffic hideous and snarly. By the time he made it to the house, he had actually walked Bonzo the last mile, the roads slick enough to be dangerous. Jessy met him on the driveway, mouth tight, eyes worried.

"Your cell phone busted?"

He tilted his head, patting his pockets 'til he found his phone. "Don't have a signal, Coach. Damn, it's slicker than snot out here. I walked the last bit."

"I know, I thought you'd wiped out." Jessy grabbed Bonzo and wheeled her into the garage. "I bet you're an icicle. Go jump in the shower, I'll unload."

"No. I didn't want to risk a bad fall, you know?" His teeth were chattering. "Man, does the news say it's gonna be evil tomorrow?"

"Yeah, next couple three days. Go on. Get warm. Now."

He nodded, hurrying upstairs, stripping as he went. The shower felt good, and he turned the heat up, getting warm all the way through. Jessy eventually joined him, hands sliding over his skin, mouth finding his shoulder and sucking the water from it.

"Mmm... Hey. I bought... uh... supper stuff...." He arched, moaning low.

"Is that what you're calling Twinkies these days?"

"That's dessert, man. You said to get something I knew how to cook." He smiled at Jessy. He'd been good. No chocolate. No soda.

"I threw them out. I'll make butterscotch pudding." Jessy's fingers slid over his cheek, caressing.

"You..." He frowned. "But I was good."

"Did I say you weren't?"

"Well. No, but you threw our dessert out."

"It's not on your approved foods list, baby, that's all." Jessy chuckled. "Especially when coupled with hot dogs, chili and chips."

"Our other option was fried bologna sandwiches." He tried not to pout. Really. "Can we have whipped cream on the pudding?"

"If we have any -- you're not going back out." Jessy licked his lower lip. "I'm definitely going to have to teach you how to cook."

"I do okay. I can order pizza." He rubbed his nose against Jessy's. He didn't think he'd mind cooking, really. He liked doing things.

Jessy laughed and licked his lip again, tongue sliding into his mouth for just a moment. "You're not allowed pizza either, baby."

He chuckled, cuddling close. "Meanie."

"Oh, that doesn't make me a meanie. This," Jessy pinched his ass, "makes me a meanie."

"No pinching!" He laughed, rolling his eyes. "Be good or no chili dogs for you!"

"Can't have that -- how would I ever survive?"

Mike chuckled. "I don't know. You tossed the Twinkies."

Jessy laughed, goosing him. "Brat."

"Yours." He turned the water off, finding them both a towel.

Jessy looked at him for a moment, eyes serious. "Yes. You are."

He smiled, stepped forward for a kiss. "It's our first ice storm. Gonna keep me warm?"

"You know it, baby. You absolutely starving or can I convince you we need a pit stop in the bedroom first?"

"I'm never that hungry..." He shivered a little, tugged Jessy into the bedroom with the big, warm bed.

"Well, not for food anyway," murmured Jessy, pushing him down onto the bed and following.

He wrapped the comforter over Jessy’s back, legs wrapped around Jessy's waist. "You're better than food."

"Oh, baby, you do know how to make an old man feel special."

"Hey. My old man. Mine." He held Jessy tight. "You don't be mean."

Jessy chuckled. "Mean? Me? Never."

"No. No, you're not." Jessy was hard, but not mean.

Jessy's hand cupped his chin. "You're one of the first to say so, baby."

He tilted his head. "You aren't easy sometimes, but you love me. You take care of me." He understood how this worked.

Jessy nodded. "It all rests on you, baby -- you're everything. That's a hard truth. My job is to prepare you for that."

Jessy grinned suddenly, the smile seductive. "That, and this, too." Jessy's mouth moved slowly until their lips were touching.

He moaned, fingers sliding on Jessy's cheek, watching those warm eyes.

"Love you, baby."

"I know. Kiss me."

Jessy did, mouth taking his with obvious pleasure. He moaned, lips parting, tongue sliding against Jessy's. Jessy moved against him, tongue dancing with his, teasing and loving and good. They rocked, nice and steady, warm and cozy beneath the blanket.

Jessy whispered into his ear. "Rain, rain, go away..." The words matched the slow, easy movement of their bodies.

"Gonna be ice, Jess. Gonna be an excuse to snuggle tomorrow."

"You don't need an excuse for that, baby."

"No?" He smiled, heated all through. "Good."

Jessy kissed him hard. "No."

Another kiss, hard before it softened, Jessy's hips moving fast, solid on his. Mike arched, rubbing, meeting Jessy's passion head-on. Jessy's fingers slid down his body, going behind his balls and teasing, slick.

Mike nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, please. I want."

Two fingers slid right into him, Jessy going straight for his gland.

"Oh!" He arched up, hips rocking to feel the spark, the rush again.

"Hedonist." The accusation was fond, almost sweet, accompanied by another peg to his gland.

"Uh...uh-huh." He could be one of those. Sure. Just don't stop.

Jessy slid in another finger, stretching him wide.


He stretched, arched. "So full."

"Just wait, baby. It'll be me in a moment."

"Oh. Please. Yes. You."

Jessy's fingers slid out, replaced a moment later by the hard, blunt heat of Jessy's cock. They were still surrounded by the blanket, Jessy stretching him, spreading him wide. Jessy moaned, body moving slow and easy.

Oh, Jessy just warmed him all through.

"Baby, you feel so good."

"You make me warm..." Mike nodded, leaned up for a kiss.

"Not warm, you're hot." Jessy smiled, hips moving, working.

He chuckled, meeting each thrust. "So funny..."

Jessy just purred, fingers of one hand sliding across his nipple.

"Oh..." He nipped Jessy's lip. "More?"

"Yeah, baby." Jessy moved harder, faster, cock pushing into Mike again and again, the fingers teasing his nipple getting more serious, pinching and flicking and rubbing.

Mike reached down, pumping his own cock, driving himself hard.

"So good, baby." Jessy bent and licked at Mike’s lips before pushing his tongue in and fucking Mike’s mouth.

He arched, balls drawing tight.

Jessy broke the kiss and licked across his lips. "That's it, baby. I want to feel you on my cock."

Oh. Oh. Mike whimpered, bearing down on Jessy's cock, balls emptying.

Jessy groaned. "Yeah. Yeah, baby." Two more thrusts, jerky and hard, and Jessy filled him deep.

smut fixes everything

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