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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Smutterday - The Tutor

I just re-released this book as a self-pub :)

The Tutor

Peter is used to guys coming and going. College is all about experimentation, after all, and Kai is new to the whole experience. Still, he's more than willing to help Kai learn all of the ins and outs of college life, even if the kid leaves in the end.

Kai is a lot less fickle than Peter thinks, though, and is curious about everything his new tutor can teach him, in and out of the classroom.

Can these two make the grade?

You can pick it up at All Romance Ebooks and at Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"Oh, man, I bet it's hard to be gay in Oklahoma," Peter noted. He smiled encouragingly at Kai. If he leaned in any closer he'd be initiating the kiss and he wasn't sure Kai was ready for it yet, and he didn't want to freak the kid out.

"Hard?" Kai just laughed. "Try impossible."

"It's like that in a lot of places. College isn't one of them though. We've got a really active GLBT group here and everyone's pretty liberal. There was a bashing a couple years ago and the kids involved got expelled and there was nearly a riot when they showed their faces before getting the hell out of Dodge."

He touched a single finger to the corner of Kai's lips, just for a moment. "That's a great smile you've got."

Kai went a sweet rose, head ducking, tongue flicking out to touch his finger. "Thanks."

Oh, that touch of warm, wet tongue went straight to his already interested cock. "You're welcome," he whispered. He rubbed their noses together, their lips so close he could feel Kai's breath on his.

Kai blinked at him, then pressed their lips together, taking a quick, quick kiss. He hummed a little and licked his lips. Yeah, Kai tasted spicy, too. It was good.

He initiated the next kiss, tongue teasing at Kai's lips, wanting a full on taste. Kai gasped, lips parting, leaving his for a second, then pressing close again. He moaned softly, letting the sound fill Kai's mouth first before gently slipping in his tongue.

Kai kept those dark eyes open, watching him, just sort of drinking him in. It was heady, that stare. And so was the taste that slid on his tongue, filling his mouth.

He reached out, fingers sliding through the long dark hair. Silk. Shit. The kid was just ripe, ready for touching. Moaning, he pushed his tongue deeper, learning the inside of Kai's mouth. Kai's hands slid up along his arms, squeezing his shoulders, holding on. Yeah, that was it, hold on, Kai, lets go for a ride...

His free hand slid across Kai's cheek, down to his jaw and along to his neck. So warm. Kai groaned, swallowing under his fingers. He stroked Kai's Adam's apple gently before letting his fingers wander down lower, teasing at the buttons on Kai's shirt.

"I... Oh." Kai made a soft purring sound, pushed into his touch. "I haven't..."

"Ever?" he asked. Damn, the boy was a virgin. There was a god of overworked gay grad students.

"We don't have to. If you don't want."

"Ever. I... It's hard to, when there's nobody else like you."

He nodded. Yeah, he could understand that. His fingers slid along those sharp cheekbones. "Do you want to?" He didn't want to push. Well, not too hard anyway.

“Yeah. Yeah, I want to."

smut fixes everything

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