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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Out - Lemon Drops!

Lemon Drops has been re-released by Resplendence Publishing!

Lemon Drops

Denny and Cain are back and learning all about each other, playing games that make Cain blush and make Denny as happy as he's ever been. They're getting along great, but Cain doesn't want Denny to think he needs financial support.

When Cain gets even deeper into money trouble, he hesitates to tell Denny, even though he wants to. He knows he's in love, but he's just not sure he can trust what he feels. Can Denny convince Cain that what they have is real?

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smutty excerpt:

Denny tugged Cain inside, dropping the groceries at the door and taking that sweet mouth, pushing Cain up against the wall as they kissed. Those lips opened for him, letting him in, only the barest five o'clock shadow tickling him.
He pressed up against Cain, the man's body hot, solid, and just right against his own. Cain responded easily, eagerly, cock growing hard against his hip. He started working Cain's shirt off, one button at a time, fingers teasing Cain's skin as it was bared. The thin chest was bare from their games two days ago, leaving one nipple pierced with a tiny barbell for him to touch. He would show his lover so many things, so much.
His fingertips danced on the warm, bare skin, one finger moving the barbell. It was healed enough to touch, to taste, to tug and make Cain cry out and twist and reach for him.
"So sexy, darlin'. You make me so hard." He pushed his cock against Cain's lower belly.
"...I'm glad, Denny. I'm glad." Cain chased his mouth, moaning as he took one hard kiss after another.
Pushing his hand down between them, Danny undid the button then pulled down the zipper of Cain's jeans. The stubble there fascinated his fingers, tickled them, teased them. It needed shaving down here. Still, it was quite the sensation, to go from that stubble to the smooth, silk heat of Cain's prick.
"Mmm." Cain licked at his lips, hips rolling and shifting against his hand.
He wrapped his hand around that heat and tugged slowly, thumb sliding across the tip. "I want to do you up against the wall."
"Okay. Am I tall enough?" Cain gasped, teeth scraping his lip.
"I can bend my knees, darlin'." He tugged Cain's jeans down past his hips. "Better get these off, though."
"Yes. Yes, Denny. Please." The jeans were shoved down, that hard cock bobbing for him.
Denny pulled off his own jeans while Cain toed off his sneakers and stepped out of his jeans, and that was when Denny pounced, flipping Cain to face the wall. He pressed his naked lover up against it, teeth worrying the top of Cain's spine. So sensitive, Cain jerked, flattening against the wall.
Groaning, he spread Cain's ass cheeks, thumbs sliding along the hot crack, stopping to tease the tightly closed hole. Cain's moan echoed up along the wall, ass jerking. "I don't have any slick handy. Whatever shall I do?" He pushed the tip of one thumb in, just opening Cain's ass.
"I...Oh. Denny. I feel you."
"I certainly hope so." Chuckling, he slid slowly to his knees, letting his lips drag along Cain's spine the whole way down.

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