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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Dragon

I've re-released Velvet Dragon as a selfpub :)

Velvet Dragon

Serius is an expert in whipping; his beauty is a riding crop, but he's an expert with all manner of whips, floggers and paddles. He's also a man looking for someone special to be his sub; he believes in order, discipline, submission, but he also wants a challenge. When Hercules promises him the perfect sub in exchange for his working at the exclusive Velvet Glove, Serius believes it's possible he just might find the man he's looking for.

Dragonne has the appearance of the perfect sub, but the truth is he's never truly submitted. He's never been pushed past his boundaries, never had to use his safeword, never been broken. He has built a wall of control around his core, and wonders if anyone can breach it. Can these two men find what they're looking for in each other?

Available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

It wasn't very long before they were in the lift again, heading up to their rooms.

"I am thirsty, Leung."

He nodded, sipping the no-longer cold drink, stepping close to give Serius his lips. Serius' hand came up and took him by his queue, tilting his head before covering his mouth with hot, red lips. He jerked, surprised by the touch, by the unconcerned possession in that hand. His lips parted, though, immediately, eagerly.

Serius lapped at the liquid in Leung's mouth, drinking his fill. Leung moaned softly, lips open, offering Serius his desire. Serius turned the lapping into a kiss, tongue plundering his mouth. He gasped, moaned into the kiss, cock filling, eager.

The lift came to a stop, doors opening, and Serius broke the kiss and put a hand at the small of his back, guiding him out of the lift and down the hall. Goose pimples rose over his flesh, the motion of his queue against his shoulders enough to make him shiver.

Serius opened the door, guiding him in. The hand at his back slid in small circles. His entire focus was that hand, that touch. Serius tilted his face again, mouth closing over his. Leung met those stone grey eyes, hands fluttering, unsure whether he was allowed to touch.

Serius just kept kissing, one hand in the small of his back, the other again holding his queue. Those eyes stared into him. His head jerked a little, the sensation unusual, distracting. Serius' hand tightened on his hair, tilting his head further back. He groaned, spine stiffening before he relaxed into the sensation.

His mouth was plundered, Serius' tongue pushing in, owning him. His hands found Serius' shoulders, holding on, room spinning. Serius just kept kissing him, making him breathless and light-headed, holding him slightly bent back. He was off-center, unbalanced, unable to find a rhythm and settle himself.

Serius didn't seem inclined to stop, the kisses growing more and more intense. Leung moaned and gasped, fingers holding on tight, body drowning in sensation. Sharp teeth nibbled at his lower lip, not quite causing pain, just threatening it, the sensations soothed by that hot tongue. His shaft was hard, full, aching and throbbing against the silk, his balls heavy.

Serius' teeth moved from grazing to biting, the pain sharp but brief. He groaned, feet shifting to keep him balanced, help him center. Serius just pushed him further off-balance, holding him by his back and head, bent over the air. He tensed, heart pounding, eyes meeting Serius' as his body fought the illusion of falling.

"I have you, Leung," Serius told him, eyes implacable.

He nodded, trying to relax, to trust, telling himself that the worst that could happen was a short drop. So difficult, so strange -- he was practiced in controlling himself, not in trusting another.

The kisses and sharp bites continued, Serius' tongue and teeth invading, taking. It was unnerving and arousing and frightening and heady all at once. He could not relax enough to center, couldn't breathe enough to focus. It just went on and on, Serius seeming intent on spending the rest of the night driving him mad.

Leung couldn't figure out what to do, so, true to his training, he stopped fighting, allowed Serius to have whatever the man could take. Serius seemed to know the moment he stopped fighting, and the invasion became more intense, long fingertips sliding across the nerves in the small of his back, hot through the silk.

Purring, his body rippled with pure need, muscles seeming to clench and relax in slow waves. His fingers relaxed, hands sliding over Serius' shoulders. His tongue was tugged into Serius' mouth, sucked on. Oh. He pressed against Serius, hands sliding down the strong back, so aroused, so wanton.
Serius' fingers continued to slide in circles in the small of his back, the skin becoming more and more sensitive. Shivering, his body moved in time with those touches, finding Serius' rhythm naturally. His tongue was released, Serius' entering his mouth, fucking him with short jabs. He was caught between tongue and hand, focus split.

Serius' tongue pressed deeper and deeper, sliding against his own. He fought the urge to come, unsure if he should, so focused on Serius and Serius' will. Serius' fingernails scrapped against the most sensitive spot on his lower back, tongue pushing in hard.

Leung came with a soft cry, surprised and overwhelmed and more aroused than he could comprehend.

smut fixes everything

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