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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cherry Sours now out!

The first book of the Hard Candy series has been re-released by Resplendence Publishing!

Cherry Sours

Cain’s had a bad, bad day. All he wants is some candy to sweeten his mood, but what he gets instead is an unexpected dinner invitation from a stranger.

Denny’s fond of cherry sours, too, but he thinks Cain needs more than candy to smooth out the rough edges in his life, and he’s perfectly happy to give it to him.

As Cain’s insecurities vanish along with his inhibitions, the two of them discover that you can go from being strangers to being very close in no time at all.

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smutty excerpt:

Denny hummed, hands sliding to wrap around his arms and tug him back up. "I want to taste myself in your mouth." The kiss shook him to the core, the need inside him suddenly a painful, heavy ache. Denny's tongue slid through his mouth like it owned him, tasting him, learning him. Then it was over, those light gray eyes looking into his. "We won't kiss again until your beard is gone."

The words made him shudder and he stepped away, that hard-edged worry waking up again. "Where's your bathroom?" Cain so needed a moment.

Denny moved right back into his space, fingers sliding on his cock, rubbing along the seam of his jeans. "No running away, Cain. I won't let you."

"I…I..." He jerked, eyes rolling as his worry grew bigger.

"I'm not a selfish man, Cain. Let's get you off." The top button of his jeans was undone, then the zipper, Denny's own cock still hanging out of his jeans.

Oh. Oh, he. Yeah. Getting off was good. He groaned, scooting closer, nearly begging. Denny's chuckle wasn't mean, just soft, making him shiver. One of those big paws pushed into his underwear, wrapping around his cock and tugging it out into the light.

"Oh, that's nice, Cain. Really nice."

Should it please him so much that the man thought so? He wasn't thick like Denny, but he was long. Needy. Denny's hand worked him, sliding up and down along the whole length a few times before slowing, thumb pushing into his slit and then spreading his pre-come around.

"Oh..." He swallowed hard, still tasting Denny on his lips.

"Has anyone ever touched you before, Denny? Anyone ever made you come?"

"" He couldn't meet Denny's eyes. Wouldn't.

"Excellent." Denny's hand tightened, squeezing, making him feel like he was going to explode.

"I. I'm going to..." Every muscle in his body went tight.

"That's the idea, darlin'."

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