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Monday, July 27, 2015

My God It's Monday

And it's a hot one. Damn that humidity - it was 90% this morning... I have no words for that except ugh.

It's been very ugh since Friday, getting a little more ugh each day. I miss it being nice and cool in the mornings, being able to have the windows open for at least a little while to get some fresh air. I mean, it's great to have AC - I would be totally dying and useless with out it - but I do miss not getting the fresh air blowing through the house. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the much cooler mornings when Fall brings them back.

This guy to the left is all ready for a Monday! Me, not so much, but I have the todo list in hand. I have a several submissions due in August 1, so I'll be focusing on those this week. I have one that I still need the title for. I hate having to come up with titles, but my publishers insist that "the one with the foursome" or "the one for that Christmas call" are not viable titles.

Healing Fire is up for pre-order on All Romance Ebooks and it'll be available for download on August 1. Dragons ahoy!

Speaking of dragons, I have a neat idea for a contemporary setting dragon that I think is fun and hot. I'm just not sure when I'm going to get to it. There are just too many stories and not enough time to get to them all. I  need a machine that I can hook up to my brain and let it suck the stories out of my head and put them directly on paper for me. If anyone invents one of those - let me know ;)

Well, I guess my todo list is not getting any shorter at all while I sit here looking at that guy's abs... so have a good and productive week everyone - and stay cool!

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  1. Our upstairs AC broke, so I hear you, it's SO HOT :((((

    UGH that dude is hot too but in a good way.

    YES, the brain sucking story thing, I WANT ONE. *GRABBY HANDS*

    Love your idea of a dragon story :D Thatt sounds very interesting...