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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Leather

Big soft-hearted Mouse and sweet little always in trouble Peep have a place in my heart. I love the opposition of how big Mouse is with how kind and gentle he is. Especially when it comes to his Peep!

Velvet Leather

Mouse is in charge of the leather workshop at the Velvet Glove and he's really good at his job, which is probably why everyone tolerates Peep. It's not that Peep looks for trouble, it just always seems to find him. Mouse is always there to shelter his dear Peep, though, no matter what the storm.

Velvet Leather shares three stories that demonstrate just how much trouble Peep can get into.

Available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"You're welcome, little one. Just be more careful next time." He was given a soft kiss.
"I try, Mouse." He lifted his face for another kiss, needing to know Mouse wasn't upset with him.
His mouth was taken in a long, deep kiss, Mouse loving him. He pressed close, opening wide, loving the way Mouse kissed, the way Mouse touched and loved him. Low, rumbling sounds vibrated his lips, large hands stroking his belly, his back.
He reached up, grabbing onto Mouse's shoulders, legs climbing until he could wrap them around Mouse's waist. Mouse's hands cupped his ass, pulling him closer, rubbing them together. He moaned and whimpered, hands sliding into Mouse's hair. No matter what he did, Mouse still loved him.
"My little one..." Mouse started walking toward the back, toward their tiny rooms and their bed.
He wriggled and kissed Mouse hard. "My big one." He giggled, rubbing their groins together. "My very big one."
Mouse rumbled, pushing against him, hips rocking that heavy prick against him. "Yours."
"My very own very big one." He giggled some more, mouth going to Mouse's neck.
That made Mouse shiver, those hands tightening. "Careful, Peep. Don't want to drop you."
"You won't." No matter what else was going on, there was no way his Mouse would ever drop him.
He sucked and licked at the sweet vein where Mouse's blood beat.
"Oh..." Mouse moved them through the rooms, ending in the huge chair that fit them both, head falling back.
Peep rubbed against Mouse, fingers working the buttons of Mouse's shirt open as he kept sucking and licking and tasting the salt of Mouse's skin.
"I love you, little one. More than life." Mouse shifted, hands pushing at his pants, sliding against his skin.
"Oh. Oh, I love you, Mouse." He pushed into Mouse's touches, his own very big one making him feel very good. There was the soft, happy little purr, his Mouse sounding happy and horny and all his.
He got Mouse's shirt undone and wriggled his way down, fingers working open the leather pants. Mouse was hard for him, thick cock pressing at the laces, already wet-tipped and dark. He got the laces undone and buried his face against Mouse's cock. It smelled so good here, like leather and spice and his Mouse. It made him moan.
"Oh... Oh, Peep. You make me need..." Mouse arched, pressing against him.
"Good," he answered fiercely.

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