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Monday, July 6, 2015

My God It's Monday

I had visitors come in on Monday last week and stay through to Friday. Wow, it's amazing how quickly you can get behind if you do only an hour or two of stuff in the morning before everyone wakes up. As a result I am running like mad just to catch up to last week.

One of my publishers, Totally Bound, is opening an LGBT arm of the company and they launch tomorrow. There's a launch party for it tomorrow on Facebook, starting at 11 am (EDT) and running 24 hours. I'll be popping in and out and would love to see some familiar faces. There's going to be lots of prizes, including ebooks copies of Malting, Milling and Mashing for one lucky commenter!

The party is happening here.

The new site for m/m books is here and all the books (including my backlist) will be available at a 25% discount!

Also, if you haven't picked up any of the books in my Beer & Clay series, yet, the first one - Malting - will be available for free on Amazon for a couple of days to celebrate the release of the third book Mashing. (The second book is Milling and it's available on Amazon here.) Anyway, I think that starts tomorrow.

Speaking of Mashing -- it looks like it's available a little early at Amazon. If you've been waiting to get your copy for the kindle, now you can! It should be available at the other distributors by tomorrow morning.

Beer & Clay 3: Mashing

Life is good for Toby and Damon—maybe too good. What happens when someone seems intent on destroying their happiness?

Toby and Damon are growing closer every day, with Toby recovering from the shot to his shoulder and Damon trying to keep him from pushing too hard too fast. Things are good between them.

They’re even better in the bedroom, where Toby is learning all sorts of new things and Damon is happily pushing his limits.

They’ve almost forgotten that someone doesn’t seem as happy with their closeness as they are, when Toby walks into his studio to find it trashed and his little apartment ransacked. Are the authorities going to be able to apprehend the culprit before Toby decides the best course of action is to remove himself from the equation?

I'll post the link for All Romance Ebooks when I have it!

Okay, I have to get back to it - there's no rest for the wicked!

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  1. OH man I hear you /o\ And sometimes I don't even get an hour first thing in the morning :((( I'm so behind /o\ BUT YAY for a freebie and CONGRATS on the upcoming release!!!