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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Need

I loved writing Lutrell and Dent. This one is quite different - it explores a medical fetish and it was fascinating to write. I do enjoy the ones with a twist.

Velvet Need

Dent Farre thinks he has it all. Retired owner of several high profile companies, he is now a full member at the exclusive men's BDSM club the Velvet Glove. He has anything he wants available at his fingertips, including a host of subs at his beck and call. So why is he so angry and frustrated all the time?

The Velvet Glove's owner believes that Dr. Bertoli Lutrell, a Dominant who runs very intense scenes might be just what Dent needs. But just as Lutrell and Dent are beginning to make progress together, Dent is kidnapped.

Will he escape his captors in one piece? And if he does, will Luttrell be able to reach him after months of torture?

It's available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks

smutty excerpt:

"Tshaw. So skittish. I think we should just begin. Do you remember how we will always begin?"
"Yes, but. You just. We just did, a few hours..."
"We do it every time, my dear. Every single time." Lutrell smiled and nodded, beaming at him.
"To keep you clean, safe. To have something we can share."
He closed his eyes. Safe. Gods.
Lutrell hummed. Over that, Dent could hear the man getting the bowl, filling it with water. Dent tried to lose himself, thinking about business, money, numbers. Anything. Then the soft touches came, the warm, soapy cloth moving over his skin as Lutrell hummed and laughed. It was intimate. Relaxing. Peaceful.
He was cleaned, from top to bottom, rinsed and then the strange sensation of the alcohol came, making his skin cool and drying off immediately.
"There we are, all clean." One of Lutrell's hands wrapped around his prick, stroking him.
"It's cold." He was freezing.
"You're cold? Let me turn up the heat." Lutrell walked away, touched something on the wall and came back.  "I'll soon have you warmed up," Lutrell giggled. "I will."
"Thank you." He tried not to wince at the laugh.
"You see? All you have to do is ask."
His prick was taken again, encouraged to hardness. "I did. I asked you to let me go."
"Oh, but you didn't mean that."
Another sudden urge to laugh surprised him and he swallowed it back. Lutrell's laughter rang out for him.
"All right, now we will introduce you to the sound. It will be most wonderful."
"Will it hurt?" He needed to know.
Lutrell tilted his head. "It won't be comfortable, at least to start. And you will need to come and won't be able to until it is removed. But it will touch you the way nothing ever has, and when you come… oh, it might make even you laugh, Dent." Lutrell stroked his belly, touch warm but slightly off through the latex of Lutrell's glove.
"It doesn't sound funny." It sounded unnerving.
"A good orgasm is a thing of joy. And it does sound like that. The sound sounds, oh, that's good." Lutrell was off again, laughing away like a loon. "Oh, my dear, you do need to loosen up. You do."
"You are truly insane, Lutrell. You know that, don't you?"
"No, no. I assure you that I am not. Hercules would not have hired me if I was." Lutrell chuckled. "And you have distracted me enough. Time to begin, to bring your need to the surface." Lutrell fiddled with the instrument table and set a long thin silver rod and a tube of lube at the edge.
There was no way that thing was going in his cock. "It won't fit. It's too big."
"It's just a little one, my dear." Lutrell poked through stuff and picked up another one that was at least the size of one of his fingers. "Even this one will fit. But we'll work up to that."
His eyes felt like they were bugging out of his head and he couldn't have stopped the shudder.
Lutrell giggled. "One day you will beg me to use this one." The thick sound was put away, Lutrell picking up the lube and opening it.
"I won't." His balls were trying to draw up into his body.
Lutrell chuckled. "Oh, yes, you will."
A soft kiss was placed at the base of his cock and then Lutrell began to stroke him, thumb working the head of his cock as his body betrayed him. He moaned, fighting, trying not to get excited, hard. Trying not to want. It was no use, though. Lutrell's touch seemed inexorable, making his cock firm up.
"Such a beauty, my dear."
He groaned, his muscles tensing, his body fighting the ties, knowing they wouldn't budge.
"Oh, yes. Definitely a beauty." Lutrell chuckled and squirted out a generous dollop of lube, sliding it along his slit, slicking up the head of his cock.

He shook his head over and over, eyes shut, refusing to watch and wanting desperately to see all at once.

smut fixes everything

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