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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Staff

Velvet Staff is comprised of two short stories featuring Moffat (the cook) and Piotr (the DJ) who work at the Velvet Glove and are lovers. These two pieces appeared on the Turn of the Screw subscription service, but this is their first time available as an ebook. This reprint is selfpubbed.

Velvet Staff

Velvet Glove Chef Moffat and DJ Piotr aren't into BDSM, but that doesn't stop the lovers from working at the club. Work keeps them busy, and sometimes it's hard to find time to be together.

Whenever Moffat can't be apart a moment longer and goes searching out his lover, though, Piotr is more than ready to drop what he's doing to make love.

Available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

Moffat pushed Pit down onto the bed, undoing his belt and opening his leather pants, letting his cock spring free. Pit bounced, eyes sliding over Moffat's body, lingering over his cock like a physical touch.

He didn't bother undressing further, just climbed onto the bed between Pit's legs. "Suck me. Get me good and wet because that's all the help there's gonna be."

"Pushy bastard." Pit shifted, moving until that hungry little mouth could work on him, get him off, get him good and wet.

He didn't have an answer for Pit's accusation. For one thing, it was hard to think while Pit sucked him off. For another, the man had a point. Of course you had to be pushy around Pit if you wanted more than music out of him.

Moffat pulled out before he went off and pushed Pit's legs up and back and lined up with that sweet little hole.

"Oh... Hard, love. Hard and deep." Demanding sexy bastard.

"Now who's the pushy one, Pit?"

He teased for only a moment, resting against the greedy hole and then he pushed in hard and deep, just like Pit wanted. Just like they both needed.

smut fixes everything

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