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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Smutterday - Swimming Trunks, The Personal Best Shorts

When I had to come up with a title for the Personal Best short stories compilation for self-publishing, I couldn't resist the pun of trunks/shorts and the fact that swimming trunks worked well with a stories about a swimmer and his coach! If you haven't read about Mike and Jessy yet -- they have three novels: Personal Best, Personal Best II and Personal Best III.

Swimming Trunks, The Personal Best Shorts

Swimmer Mike and his Coach Jessy from the Personal Best novels are featured in this collection of three short stories that celebrate moments in their lives.

Stories include: Love and Swimming, Halloween Birthday and Ramping Up.

Available on All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

Jessy slung his arm around his lover, walking them to the door, getting it open and them through it before he gave into the urge to tilt that head toward his, mouth closing over Mike's. Oh, that was good. Mike opened right up, body pushing into his and rubbing, all that energy focused on him.

He pushed the door closed, not even hearing the slam when it shut as his tongue slid into Mike's mouth, tasting his baby. Mike's hands wrapped around his shoulders, those dark eyes open and watching him, loving him as they kissed.

Moaning, he rubbed against Mike, finding his lover as hard as he was. "Christ. Need you, baby."

"Yours." Mike nipped his bottom lip, nodded, fingers tugging at his shirt. "Yours."

He growled a little. "Yeah, baby. Mine." Yeah. He helped Mike get his shirt off, helped Mike undo his jeans and push them down. "Gonna suck me, baby?"

"Gonna make me fly after?" Mike's words were challenging, but his lover was already sliding down, lips parted.

"You know it." He groaned, pushing his cock so it slid along Mike's cheek.

"Jess... Smell so hot."

He loved watching Mike's eyes, Mike's hunger. "Hot for you, baby." Jessy slid his hands through Mike's spiky hair, guiding Mike's mouth. His baby took him in, lips sliding right down along his cock, hot and eager. "Christ. Yes."

Jessy moaned, hips starting to move immediately, driving his cock into the back of Mike's throat. Mike moaned, swallowed, let him in deep, let him push and push. He leaned his hands against the wall, eyes rolling as his hips worked his cock in and out of Mike's mouth. Mike's hands were on his ass, encouraging him, tugging him in deeper. Moaning, he thrust harder, faster, the pleasure just shooting through him. Mike swallowed around the tip of his cock, insisting, demanding his orgasm, eyes just shining.

"Baby!" Jessy cried out, hips jerking as he came hard, the sensations shaking his body. Mike drank him down, lips and tongue making his pleasure last. His hands dropped down to Mike's head, stroking the short hair. "Mmm... love you, baby."

Mike sucked the tip of his cock, purring. "Love you."

A shudder moved through him and his hand squeezed Mike's shoulder. "Let’s get upstairs, baby. Before I take you right here."

"Playroom or our room, Jess?"

"You choose, baby. I just want you."

“Playroom.” Mike chuckled. "Then the pool. I'll do laps after. I'm hyped."

"You don't think I can fuck you into oblivion?"

smut fixes everything

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