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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Briar Rose: Blended Family available for pre-order

The Briar Rose: Blended Family is now available for pre-order!

Blended Family

Matt and Adam are back and this time they’re welcoming two established Master/sub pairs who want to play together. Without ruining their friendship.

Subs Peter and Max have been best friends forever, since before they met their masters. They were lovers once, but both men needed the influence of a Dom to stay on an even keel. Happily in love with their masters, Devon and Swan, the boys nonetheless want more.

Devon and Swan care deeply for each other and are willing to give becoming something more a try and the Briar Rose seems like the perfect place to give it a go. As neutral ground, if things go wrong, they should be able to put the whole thing behind them and go back to their lives as simply friends.

Can Devon, Peter, Swan, and Max become the blended family they yearn to be?

You can pre-order it here. It will be available for download and purchase elsewhere on July 15.

smutty excerpt:

Devon shifted and Peter could feel the effect that his touches were having on his master.

"Randy master." Devon needed touch, connection.

Devon nodded his agreement. "Your touch always makes me need."

"I won't complain." Peter touched Devon's belly, tugging at the soft fabric of the t-shirt.

"Are you trying to distract me or are you feeling a little better about our being here?" Devon asked.

"I'm trying to love you." He wasn't sure which of those answers were right.

"You do that without trying." Devon grabbed his hand and nibbled on his fingertips. "Are you feeling better about our being here, or do we need to talk some more?"

"I just want to do. I'm not Max. I don't have to talk for hours."

His master laughed, then kissed him, that happy sound filling Peter's mouth and his lungs. He turned, straddling Devon's thighs, holding on tight. Devon's hands landed on his ass, rolling him so they rubbed together. He slid along Devon's long, heavy cock, making sure to touch all along the way.

"So good, boy." Devon worked a hand into the back of his jeans, fingers sliding along his ass.

"I want to be, Master. So good."

"You always do your best. You make me so proud." Devon squeezed his ass, one finger pressing into his hole.

He bore back, eager for the touch. "I want you. I could ride you."

"You could." Oh, his master was feeling mellow, letting him lead.

"I'll have to go get the lube."

"You will. Then you can bend over the bed and open yourself up for me."

He groaned, considering whether he would just take Devon in dry. Devon's hand slid out of his pants and a swat landed on his butt.

"Go on, boy. Do as you're told. Oh, and take your time as you get undressed." Devon smiled. "You can get me naked first, if you want."

"Bossy old man," Peter teased.

"That's why you love me."

"Part of it, yeah." Peter helped Devon get his shirt off.

"Only part?" Devon teased, tossing the shirt onto the bed.

"Yes. Part of it is that you love weird old books. Part of it is the way you eat ice cream."

"And how do I eat ice cream?" Devon asked before licking his lips suggestively.

"With your whole soul. Like you're making love to it."

smut fixes everything


  1. Really looking forward to reading this

  2. YAY for being available for preorder!!!