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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My God It's Monday

And we roll up on another Monday. In fact we're almost done with another Monday. Last one with a full week of October left in it. I do not know where the time is going. Seriously. O.o

Watched The Walking Dead last night. I was this far from never watching the show again. We shall see how I feel about the next episode which is supposedly 'funny'.

I have the next Velvet Glove in for editing. It's novel length, features two couples and should be out by mid-November, depending on how the edits go! I'd share the blurb, but I haven't come up with it yet.  The blurb is like the hardest part. Well, aside from titles, anyway.

Heh. And that's where I left the post off and never went back to it!

So that was Monday...

smut fixes everything


  1. Is this a new Velvet Glove in the old Glove or in the new Glove? I loved that series.

  2. OH man The Walking Dead /o\ that was a horribly rough episode, I really hope that's the lowest we ever sink but damn...I'm sure there's an even lower place somewhere.

    And YAY for editing :D

    and it should tell you how my week is going that I'm just now getting around to your Monday post ;p