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Friday, October 21, 2016

Random Friday


Happy Friday to all!

This week has been busy, and lots of stuff has been accomplished. I've gone through and returned three edits and one proofing, and approved a galley. I still have to send out last week's prizes, go through another edit and get the latest VG novel off to my editor. But more has been done than not done.

I've made most days of my Boo pics, too. I had to catch up a couple of times and I think I'm still one day short, but on the whole Boo and I have managed to have daily fun. I kind of want to put those pics up somewhere, only I'm not sure how. Maybe Boo needs his own blog or something... I don't know. I might continue him through the rest of the year, too. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile, I can't believe it's already October 21 - time just goes by far too quickly. I want to do some Halloween chocolates and Halloween baked goodies this year. I've got ten days to go, so I need to be serious about it if I'm going to do it and get it done soon.

The cooler weather definitely wakes me up and sees me working to get on top of my todos and it makes me want to cook and bake and make things. I like it a lot.

Enjoy your Friday!

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  1. We FINALLY have cooler weather! Had our last few days of 80's weather this week /o\ I think the cooler weather is FINALLY here \o/

  2. Happy Friday !!!!