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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Didn't see any 'regular' movies this last week, but I did go see "A Beautiful Planet" on the Omni Imax at the Ontario Science Center on Sunday.

It was stunning. The screen is takes up most of the dome above and this particular movie was views of Earth from the Space Station. The astronauts also shared their thoughts and feelings. Our planet it truly amazing as seen from space (it's pretty amazing up close and person on the surface, too.)

There were shots from various times of year, from day and nighttime. There were shots of the aurora from the side and above, which were simply stunning.

One of the most striking pictures wase the shot of the two Korea's at night. There are the bright spots of the cities in, along with all sorts of less bright clusters and spots in the rest of the country. There's lights along the borders, and then bam, there is almost complete darkness on the rest of North Korea. It says a lot about the way they live.

I got to see Ottawa at night, too, if only briefly.

One of the really neat things was how the planet looks unpopulated during the day, but once it's night and all the lights come on, you can tell there's tons of people.

The movie totally reignited my desire to go into space. I know it's just a dream at this point, but it's definitely something I very much want to do.

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