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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Picked up and watched the new Independence Day movie. It wasn't bad. Which is kind of damning with faint praise. I'd heard it was terrible, though, and it wasn't that. However, for full disclosure, I hadn't had much sleep the night before and I did actually fall asleep about 10 minutes in and I slept for forty minutes or so. I did not bother to rewind and just went forward with it. It might have been better with those forty minutes, or it might have been worse. I think it says a lot that I didn't bother to go back to where I'd fallen asleep and it didn't really matter...

Switching gears to future movies: I really want to see Dr. Strange once it comes out. I watched the first 30 seconds or so of the preview the last time I saw a movie in the theatre (if it's a movie I want to see I refuse to watch the whole movie theatre preview because it is just so long and I prefer going into movies not having been totally spoiled) and the visuals alone look stunning. But it also has Benedict Cumberbatch in it and he's a great actor, so he should be able to do a good job with a much quirkier character.

Based on the visuals alone, I'd like to see it on the big screen. Especially if it's going to be playing in 3D at the IMAX!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

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  1. I saw the old Independence Day in the theatre and it was so cool back then. Haven't gotten around to watching the new one even though I wanted to but it sounds like I haven't missed much :D
    Really looking forward to seeing Benedict as Dr. Strange!

  2. We never saw the new Independence Day because the reviews were so bad, I think we'll try to catch it on Netflix. We originally wanted to but then the reviews :/

    I really want to see Dr. Strange!