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Monday, October 3, 2016

My God It's Monday

Spent the weekend in Toronto. Went to the zoo on Saturday and spent all day there having a blast - the animals were almost all showing off - I'm going to devote a separate post to just the zoo. 

Then I went out to supper at The Keg as it was right next door to the hotel. One of the best restaurant meals I've had. In fact the whole experience was wonderful. I had escargot to start with, and they are usually pretty chewy - I've never had them when they weren't. These were soft and delicate. Amazing. The steak was melt in your mouth. The waitress forgot to put in my lobster tail add on and so it arrived just as I was finishing the rest of my meal - which was prefect timing, because then I was able to eat it last and have it still be hot. It was the best cooked lobster tail ever. Again, nice and soft, hot all the way through, no bits rubbery and chewy. And because she'd forgotten it, they didn't put it on the bill and they gave me a free mocha ice cream cake, their signature dessert. Just a great experience.

I also began my Adventures of Boo pics - he's going to star in at least one picture on twitter every day. He totally loved the zoo right along with me.

Sunday I went to the Ontario Science Center. Okay, not the best idea. eight million kids - noisy, not very well behaved for the most part. And they were everywhere, you couldn't escape them. The Omni Imax's "The Beautiful Planet" was the exception - hardly any kids and they were all quiet, and the movie itself was stunning. Made me want to go to space all over again.

Okay, I need to get back to work - I'm not as crazy busy as I was the last two weeks, but I know I've got some stuff coming down the line that if I don't keep on top of things within an inch of their lives now, I'm going to have everything crash up together and be back to too much to do. Let's see if I can actually avoid that happening this month... at least I keep trying, right?  ;)

Happy Monday people!

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