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Monday, October 10, 2016

My God It's Monday

While today is technically Thanksgiving, I celebrated yesterday with my folks. We had a delicious ham, a great scalloped potatoes using yellow flesh and sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus and brussel sprouts fried with a bit of bacon. And I made my homemade rolls again. All was yummy and topped up by pumpkin pie and cranberry salad.

I had the whole weekend off of work, mostly. So nice after several weeks worth of mad editing. Things start back up today - I've got a bunch of little things to take care of. The edits will start coming in again as well, but I had nothing 'work' related on my mind so it was very relaxing.

Today I have lots of little todos, things that don't necessarily take a long time, but that always seem to get pushed back. I'm catching up on Chopped while I'm at it - I can't have TV on in the background while I'm editing, not and actually do a good job on the editing. But most of the little things are totally doable with something like Chopped on in the background.

My front yard is Halloween ready. I have a blow-up dragon that flaps its wings, a wreath on the door, a giant vampire bob minion on top of a pumpkin that's also blow-up, a scientist Keven minion, a wire ghost, a zombie crossing sign and projector lights that throw flames and ghosts up on the house. And this year all my goodies are packed. I have awesome handouts in cute ziplock baggies, which made closure so much easier than usual. Most years I buy the stuff well ahead, and then don't actually get them ready to hand out until just before the kids start coming. Sometimes even while they're coming O.o. I don't know, but I'm way ahead of things this year. I may even get some of the chocolates and stuff made this year if I continue to stay organized. I'm not counting on it ;)

I have French Canadian Pea Soup on the stove. Smells so good. It's funny because I'm always conservative with the salt and thyme and I'll taste it and go... uh, no, it's bland. And I'll add a bunch of both of those and suddenly it's just where it needs to be. YUMMY. The longer it cooks, the thicker it gets. It's one of my favorite soups - homemade, anyway, I've never had it in a restaurant. And it's so easy to make.

Anyway. I hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving (a day late LOL)

    YAY for being so organized and so decorated!!! That's awesome.

    Ooh French Canadian Pea Soup - how is that different from other pea soup?