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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Touch and Trust

I've self-published another of the Velvet Glove books. This one fits in with Connor's Journey and Soaring with Hawk, along with a couple of the stories in Velvet Diamonds. Together these were the first I wrote and the characters in all of them attend Connor and Desmond's collaring ceremony in Connor's Journey. Then I did Anything for a Byline, which really serves as a great introduction to the club.

Touch and Trust

Sampson is too tall to be anything but awkward outside, but in the Velvet Glove he shines, confident in his ability as a top. When he meets Alain, it breaks Sampson's heart. Alain has been without a top, and any kind of touch, for too long. Can Sampson prove himself and win Alain's heart?

Previously published by Torquere Press.

It's available at All Romance Ebooks right now and as soon as the Amazon link goes live, I'll add it.

smutty excerpt:

"Come on in. Would you like anything?"

"I'd like um, some water available. For when we ah, start. So if um, either of us gets thirsty we don't have to um, stop. Oh! A safeword. Have you um, got one?"

"Of course. There's a stocked cooler in the playroom." Alain led Sampson to the huge playroom. It had been three rooms once, but they'd had the walls torn down, the atmosphere calm and quiet and empty. "My safeword is china." He stood at the door, looking in. "I haven't ever brought someone here."

Sampson's hand slid up his back. "Oh. We don't have to, um. If you don't. One of the other playrooms um, might be, um less weird for you?"

He let himself lean back into Sampson's touch. "No. No, I... I want this. I want this with you." It was the truth, too. There was something in Sampson's hands. Something necessary.

"Oh. Um, good. Yeah, good." Sampson's other hand came up, too, sliding through his hair. "Could I um, kiss you? I don't usually um, not unless it's part of the um, scene, but I ah want to. Kiss you."

He looked up and grinned. "I'd like that. Yes. Yes, please."

"Thank you um, for that. I mean this. Um." Sampson bent, and bent, hand around his back, the other one on his chin, tilting his face up. Sampson's lips were warm and soft, the kiss a touch clumsy.

There was a heat there, though, a sweetness and he opened up, lips parting. Sampson's tongue slid in, tasting gently. Alain simply melted, reaching up to feel the wild hair, moaning into their kiss. Sampson seemed content to the let the kiss go on and on, heat building between them. He was getting hard, leaning in to rub against Sampson, see how far he might go.

"Oh. Alain. I want to um, I'm sorry, you invite me for um, a scene and I. Want more than a um. A kiss."

"What do you want?" He moaned, hanging onto Sampson's shoulders.

"I want to um, make love first. And then um, the scene."

"Yes. Yes, please." He met Sampson's eyes, nodding. "Please."

"Um. Where? Here?"

"Come to my bed? We'll do the scene here, later. Make love to me in my bed." He took Sampson's hand, leading the way down the hall to his private room. The room that had only ever been his.

Sampson looked around very briefly and then turned to him, hands cupping his face, the long fingers stroking his skin, eyes following them, gazing at him. "You're very um, beautiful."

"Thank you." He stepped out of his shoes, stretching into Sampson's touch. "I'm hard for you."

"Oh. Me, too. Well for you, not um, me." Sampson smiled warmly, hand reached down and touching his prick through his pants, but only briefly. "I don't want to um, rush."

"No. I don't either. I want to feel you." Need to be touched. Felt. Please.

"Yes. So sensual." Sampson's long fingers began to work on his buttons, opening his shirt.

He returned the favor, fingers touching the warm, long body, shivering deep inside. Sampson pushed the shirt off his shoulders, fingers trailing over his skin. Alain moaned, shifting under the touches, hair tickling his back.

"So warm. Um... you fell ah, good." Sampson's lips covered his again, the long fingers wandering, taking random paths over his body. He managed to get Sampson's shirt open, fingers sliding up along the long body, searching out Sampson's nipples.

A shiver went through Sampson. "Oh. Can we um, go to the bed. I don't trust my um, knees."

"Yes." He moved to turn the covers back, the blue linen smooth on his fingers.

"Oh. Oh, Alain. What um, your back -- what's um, on it?" Sampson's fingers were back, sliding his shirt down the rest of the way. "Oh wow. Oh. Oh."

"My butterfly." He arched, moaning under the touches. "It was done here."

"It's um, amazing. When you move it uh, looks alive." Sampson traced the swirls and circles in the wings, tracing the outline of the tattoo and the patterns within it.

"Oh..." He climbed onto the bed, moaning. "Your hands..."

"They like touching you um, or ah, I do." Sampson climbed onto the bed behind him, hands sliding down to undo his pants while hot kisses were placed along his spine.

He cried out, fingers curling in the sheets. So sensitive there. So good. So... "Good, Sampson. Hot..."

"It's like a um, mountain range on a map," Sampson murmured. "Your spine. Ah, a relief map." Sampson's tongue slid down along each bump.

Alain rippled, rocking, body sliding under Sampson's mouth. Sampson had his pants open and was tugging them down past his hips. He helped, baring himself eagerly, lost in the sensation, in the touching.

"Oh. Oh, so um, beautiful." His cock was outlined by careful fingers, Sampson's mouth working the small of his back, tongue teasing the top of his crack.

"Oh! Oh, I... So good." He jerked, moaning and shuddering and hard. Really hard.

"You smell um, good. And ah, taste good, too. Alain." Sampson's fingers moved around to spread open his ass, tongue sliding down along his crack until it was teasing his opening.

He was whimpering, eyes wide as he shook. Oh. Oh, so giving. So real. So hot. "Sampson!"

One of Sampson's hands slid back around, checking his prick before returning to keep his ass spread open. Sampson's tongue worked his hole, teasing and licking and all of a sudden pushing into him. Alain's head lifted and he groaned, pushing back against Sampson, hips moving furiously. Oh. Oh, it had been so long. So long. So... Sampson fucked him with quick jabs, tongue as long as the rest of the man and pushing in deep.

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  1. Have the original. Thanks for reissuing it! Your readers will love it!

  2. Oooh I don't think i have this one...I'm off to check it out :D