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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Smutterday - Soaring with Hawk

I figured I'd share a smutty excerpt of this one, too. (A non-smutty excerpt can be fond here.)

Soaring With Hawk

When factory worker Jester lets supervisor Hawk convince him to visit the Velvet Glove, he has no idea what to expect. Hawk treats Jester with kindness, and soon enough, Hawk wants Jester to move in and be with him for the rest of their lives. Jester's family are less than thrilled, but when he thinks he has nowhere else to go, he discovers that he'll always have a place with Hawk.

Originally published by Torquere Press.

It's available at Amazon and at All Romance Ebooks.

smutty excerpt:

"Am I supposed to be excited?" he asked, worried Hawk would be upset by him being so hard.

"I would be most worried if we were so close and sharing kisses and you were not, pretty one." A warm chuckle caressed Jester, as did a hot hand.

He blushed, burying his head against Hawk's chest. A soft hum soothed him, Hawk stroking his hair. "I have never done this before," he admitted, looking up into Hawk's eyes. Surely that wouldn't make Hawk ask him to leave.

Hawk's dark eyes shone, so warm, so focused. "You have no idea how that pleases me, pretty one."

"Oh. Good." Relief went through him, leaving only the warmth and the heat behind. "Can I have another kiss?" He really liked the kissing.

"Of course." Hawk's lips dropped upon his own, tongue sliding into his mouth.

He opened to Hawk, the heat flaring inside him. Hawk settled him, his legs wrapping around Hawk's waist, drawing his hardness against Hawk's flat belly. He moaned softly, rubbing without thinking, a shudder going through him.

"Would you like skin on skin, Pet? Would you let me touch you?"

"Oh..." Another shiver went through him. "Oh. Yes." He nodded. Yes.

Hawk slowly unbuttoned the soft, pale shirt that covered all that skin from Jester's sight. "Unbutton yours for me, Jester."

"Okay." Jester watched Hawk for a moment longer and then looked down at his own shirt, starting to undo his buttons. He was shy. Hawk's skin was dark and pretty, muscled. He was pale and slight, but he wanted to touch with Hawk skin on skin, knew Hawk wanted it as well.

"Mmm..." Hawk made a soft, low sound, licking his lips. "So pretty, Pet. You glow." One dark hand stroked his belly before sliding around to touch his back.

He shivered again, not from cold, but from the heat. "Hawk..."

"Yes, Jester?" He was slowly drawn closer.

Jester cried out as their bodies came together, Hawk hot and smooth. He felt feverish, dizzy, like he was soaring.

"Sweet one, that's it. I wish to have all of you." Oh, they were together, shoulders to waist. So hot. So sweet.

Hawk's hands were touching him, making him feel so much more than he'd ever felt before. So much. Almost too much.

"If you open your pants, you can feel more, Pet."

"I'll... I'll... come," Jester whispered, hands already moving to open them.

"I do hope so, pretty one." He was given a pleased, wanton look. "Again and again."

Jester's eyes widened. "Oh..." Hands shaking, he got the zipper opened.

Hawk's fingers brushed his skin, then drew his cock against the heat of Hawk's lower belly.

"Oh!" Everything became sharp, bright, the pleasure going through him and spraying from him, all over Hawk's belly. Panting, he lay against Hawk, shivers and shudders going through him.

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