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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catching Up

I've been a bit scarce over the last two weeks. I had a couple of deadlines to hit (which I did) and a couple of edits to return by the weekend (again which I did - yay for getting stuff done), so I was in head down and working hard mode. Then my best friend went into the ER and wound up being checked into the hospital. While now on the mend, there were a few awful days of waiting to find out what was wrong and what they were going to do about it. I don't do my best work when worried and stressed and so most of this week (since Saturday) was a wash. I'm very pleased to be getting back into the swing of things now because she's on the mend.

And of course now I have three more deadlines mid-month, as well as another edit that needs to be done and sent back to the editor asap. They say there is no rest for the wicked and it looks like that's true ;)

My second-favorite season - spring - is working it's way slowly. Which I appreciate. I hate it when we go from really cold to bam, early summer weather with barely any time in between the two. I like having weeks of barely above freezing and the odd snowfall showing up (we had snow overnight, just enough to dust the landscape, giving it that powdered sugar look.) Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be 16C with Saturday and Sunday being even warmer, so I'll soon be wailing about it getting too warm too quickly. And yes, I'm talking about the weather again. It's something we do a lot here because we do run the gamut from as low as -40C in the winter to as high as 40C in the summer, with lots of in between stuff and snow and rain and hail and thunderstorms and high winds. So we do, we talk about it.

I just signed a contract with Dreamspinner to publish some of my out of print books. I'm so grateful to my publishers who are happy to reprint books for me. Speaking of which, I will very shortly have Playing with Fire out again - with Resplendence and I saw a draft of the cover which was very yummy! And in the same vein, The Butcher and the Beast will be out for pre-order tomorrow! The cover for that is now my new background :)

I will try to get back into the swing of things. I haven't done a My God It's Monday blog in ages and I've seen a couple movies to talk about on Movie Tuesday. I'm also wanting to make Wednesday "Book Day" where I talk randomly about my favorite genres, my favorite books, what I love about reading and words and the art of putting them together.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Why aren't your Velvet reissues at All Romance being offered in mobipocket (kindle) format?

    1. Because, unfortunately, whenever I make them they have bizarre characters in place of the quotes and other symbols. They are available in kindle format at Amazon.

  2. I'm really happy to hear your best friend is on the road to recovery - was worried abt her as well.

    Good luck with the deadlines!!

    CONGRATS on your DSP contract!! That is EXCELLENT news :D

    LOVE the cover for The Butcher and The Beast :D

    Also SPRING :D