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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I've seen a few movies over the last couple of weeks, one at the theatre and the rest at home.

I'll start with the at the cinema one first -- went to Kingsmen. I didn't like it as much as I'd hoped I would - I thought it would be a Bond film only with younger spies and while in many ways it was that, it took itself a little bit too seriously for me to totally go with it. And maybe it's because I'm old, but the violence was almost all set to music and played out like a music video and that put me off. I'm not saying I hated it or anything, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting. I do way better with movies where I have lower expectations.

Speaking of high expectations. The first movie I saw at home was Interstellar and I was really looking forward to this one. Eh. It was pretty to look at, but it just didn't thrill me. I think it would be fascinating to do a comparison of it with 2001: A Space Odyssey, because even though I haven't seen 2001 in about 25 years, I could pickup points of confluence. However, that would mean I would have to watch 2001 again, and I have no intentions of doing so. I didn't like 2001 particularly much, though it obviously stuck with me enough that I can say that I found Interstellar had a lot of echos back to it.

Next up were a pair of movies I watched on the new Netflix type service that my cable provider has.

16 Blocks was the first - this was a Bruce Willis movie I hadn't seen before. I enjoyed this one (please notice I had no expectations going in - it really does make a difference and why I try not to put too high expectations on any movie I'm going to see). I especially loved Mos Def's character Eddie. It's a good action film with a pair of unlikely heroes redeeming themselves. Also, it's from 2006 and it was fun to spot people I know from other shows/movies -- look! it's Captain Renard from Grimm!

Black Death was the next one, in which Sean Bean proves that he will take any role that he can die in. (I would have said spoiler alert, but I know I'm always waiting for Sean Bean to die whenever I see him in a movie - or television show.) Anyway, this one was... it was interesting and not bad, though I found the ending depressing and wish they'd gone another way with it.

Lastly, I re-watched Sneakers. It had been long enough since I'd seen this one that it was almost like watching a totally new movie. Man, River Phoenix was young in this one (okay, he's young in all of them because he was still so young when he died, but he seemed very baby-faced in this one). I enjoyed it, even though it wasn't the movie I actually thought it was. I need to figure out what that was, too, because it's niggling at the back of my brain in an annoying fashion. Let me take a peek at IMDB...aha! I was conflating Sneakers with Hackers in my mind. Now I need to go watch Hackers so I have them fully separated in my head.

So that's the last couple weeks worth of movies. I'm not sure I'll get to too many this weekend as it's supposed to be some of my favorite type of spring days (warm without going hot and not much rain). The summer movie glut is about to start, though and there are several I want to see, so I'm looking forward to that.

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  1. "I'm doing it for the money, Bish. I really don't care if you go to jail."

    Love sneakers!

  2. Oh and see I didn't think Kingsman took itself seriously which made it enjoyable for me. It was just loads of fun LOL. Funny how different ppl see things differently :D

    HAHA Interstellar was as much of a mind f**K as 2001. I enjoyed it, but yeah, MIND F**K for sure.

    Have not seen the other two, have not seen Sneakers in YEARS. Must rewatch tho because you're right, it's so good.