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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Six on a Sunday

  1. I really should be going through edits right now. I may say this often enough it should be my mantra ;)
  2. I really can't complain this spring -- we've had a couple of weeks of wonderful weather where it barely gets above 10C - it usually bypasses my sweetzone completely in favor of jumping from hovering around freezing to too damn hot in a week.
  3. What I really want to do is find a comfy spot and nap - I woke up feeling like this and so far, things haven't changed.
  4. I can't believe it's May 1 on Friday already. That's a third of the year gone already. Where did it go? Last I looked we were making new year's resolutions!
  5. I'm trying to eat better, but veggies always make me burpy. Why does the bad for you stuff have to taste so damn good? I'm talking to you fried foods! 
  6. Corpus Christi is now available at Amber Allure!

Corpus Christi

Jeff is right out of the service, not used to being able to play without caring who sees. Hunter has been around the block a little more, and is used to doing his thing.

When the men meet at the bar where Hunter plays guitar in a band, they spark immediately, the attraction fierce and sudden. Can it last when the two of them are at very different places in their lives? Hunter has his music, his business, whereas Jeff is just starting out, looking into his options after mustering out of the military.

Can Jeff and Hunter compromise so they can stay together? Or do they even want to?

Pick it up at Amber Allure for 35% off the regular price. (It should be at the distributors next weekend.)

There was a smutty excerpt of this yesterday for Smutterday.

smut fixes everything

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  1. YAY for Six on Sunday :D YES why do bad foods taste SOOO GOOOOOODDD