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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Book Day

I read The Hobbit when I was about twelve and subsequently picked up the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I made it through the first 200 pages or so and put the book down in disgust. I didn't want to switch characters - I wanted to stay with the same ones I'd been reading about for 200 pages! It took a couple of years before I had forgiven Tolkien for how he did his narrative and picked the books back up, devouring them this time.

I think Tolkien was where my love of Fantasy truly began.

Frank Herbert's Dune was where my love of Sci-Fi joined in.

I think Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality were my first Urban Fantasy. I devoured the Xanth books as fast as I could find them, too. I discovered Piers Anthony by coming across The Blue Adept while I was shelving books at the library - being a shelver was a totally awesome way of discovering new authors to read.

I have an enormous collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy paperbacks in boxes in the basement. And while I know most of them I won't re-read and I should go through them and donate them, I'm loathe to do so. Books were my gateways to new worlds, they were my friends, they filled a lot of my spare time growing up. Besies, I have this fantasy that I'm going to move the country and I want a room that's a library, shelves lining every wall. Then the only question will be - do I file them by genre then title, or simply alphabetically by title? Decisions, decision...

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  1. I have read both The Hobbit and TLOTR trilogy but that's about the extent of my fantasy reading. I've found through trial and error that it's just not my thing. I definitely admire ppl that can get into the heavy worldbuilding and admire even more the ones who can write it, but yeah, just one of those things that's not for me LOL. Good thing there's LOTS of other books out there :D

    That aside, I TOTALLY understand being mad at a series that moves on with a different set of characters - I have that issue still today sometimes ;p

  2. Love the Hobbit and of course Lord of the rings. Omg yeeessss! I also have several boxes of books but I do go through and re read some. Or if one of my writers has been writing a book in a series for 7 years and I need to catch up. Lol

  3. I read The Hobbit in college. (Late bloomer) Then I didn't read any fantasy until I married a cute geeky boy and he introduced me to The Belgariad series. Now I am definitely more on the bandwagon!

    Boys with books can be very dangerous things! 😉