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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Butcher and the Beast available for early download!

The Butcher and the Beast is now available for download at the publisher's site!

The Butcher and The Beast

Can a pirate and a doctor find love on the seas?

Stephen is a doctor, a practical man who wishes his sister wouldn’t worry so about the pirates that plague their island home. So it’s ironic that Stephen himself is set upon by just those pirates, who carry him off to heal their wounded captain.

John is a pirate captain, master of his fate and used to getting what he wants. And he decides he wants Stephen, even when the good doctor wants nothing more than to run away from him.

Can the beast convince the doctor who the sailors call the butcher to stay with him?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of BDSM, non-consensual sex and dubious consent during captivity.

It's now available at Totally Bound.

smutty (of the non-con variety) excerpt:

The hand around his waist and the leg over his pulled him back against the pirate captain’s heat. “Stay.”

“I…” Stephen closed his eyes again, his body relaxing.

“There you are.” The captain’s warm fingers slid across his belly again.

He sighed, confused, dazed. “Here I am?”

“Listening to your body, sliding into my arms where you belong.”

“I belong…” He couldn’t focus, floating, swaying. That hum came again, low and vibrating along his back, matching the fingers that were stroking along his belly, sliding across the tip of his shaft…
Stephen’s eyes fluttered open. “I cannot…”

“Yes, you can.” The captain’s hand slid into his breeches and wrapped around his cock, hot and sure, solid.

“N-no… Oh…” He whimpered, legs shifting.

“Oh, yes, Stephen. Yes.” That hand began to move, sliding up and down along his flesh in the most maddening manner.

“I… Please. Please, no.” Stephen shook his head, hips shifting.

“Please no or just please?” The pirate kept moving his hand, using the movements of Stephen’s own body against him.

“I need…” Water. Ale. Air. Something.

“Yes, I can feel.” The captain squeezed tight around his shaft.

“Oh. Don’t. I cannot…” His hips were moving as if possessed by an ague.

“But you can and you are.”

“I…” Stephen shook his head, gasping, heat filling his belly.

“So hot. Have you touched yourself like this? Felt the heat and the silk of your own cock?”

“No.” He sobbed softly, shivering. “It is wrong…”

“How could something that feels so good be wrong?” The captain continued to stroke him, to insist on his pleasure.

“Please…” Stephen couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. “I cannot…”

“I don’t believe you.” His erection was stroked harder, faster, more.

Stephen pushed into the touch, thrusting, need sparking along his skin. “Oh…”

“Mmm, yes, so good. I can feel your heart beating in your cock. You need as much as any pirate.”

“No. No…” Stephen stretched, his eyes rolling, his own body betraying him.

“Your body knows. Your body doesn’t lie.”

“No!” He jerked away, panting, his entire self thrumming with need.

He was pulled back against the warmth of his captor’s skin. “Yes.”

smut fixes everything

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