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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Six Things on a Sunday

  1. It's a stunningly beautiful day today. I wish it wasn't getting quite as warm as it is because some of my favorite days are the ones where it's between 5C and 15C and too many days close to 20C make those suddenly seem cold. We rarely get a slow buildup to summer, so any days that fit that category are cherished by me.
  2. I have turned in one story due on the 15th. I'm always pleased with myself when I manage to be early! I've also done edits and returned one story, and started edits on another. I think I deserve the rest of the day 'off'. In fact, I'm pretty sure there is a nap in my near future.
  3. Big Brother Canada is a few weeks in. And I'm as crack-addicted to it as ever. 
  4. I'm really looking forward to the Tulip Festival this year. Should be a good one. I just love walking around Dow's Lake and admiring the pretties. There are so many different varieties of tulips. It's quite astounding. And of course there will also be beavertails. Because it wouldn't be the tulip festival without a Killaloe Sunrise Beavertail. And possibly a fresh-squeezed lemonade, though not at the same time because they do not go well together.
  5. Salted caramel is turning into one of my favorite thing. It seems I love the salty/sweet combination.
  6. A book of mine that was supposed to come out at the beginning of May might just have been moved up to Wednesday this week. I'll say more tomorrow ;)
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  1. Ooh YAY for you for turning something in early!!! That's awesome :D

    YAY for good weather, I Hope the weather back home for me is good as well.

    My tulips started blooming, I'm so thrilled, they are one of my favorite flowers. Your festival sounds lovely!!!

    and YES SALTED CARAMEL where was this ALL OF MY LIFE???



    1. I know what you mean about the salted caramel -- there needs to be more of that!

      Our tulips aren't out yet, though they are above ground. The festival runs from the beginning of May for three weeks and usually it's fully blooming most of that. We have had the odd year where everything was early and by the beginning of May the tulips were totally done. We've had other years where the flowers really only started in the second or third week. Both of those are fairly rare, though, and usually the festival falls at exactly the right time. I shall have to remember to blog about the festival, because it's origins and the fact that the Dutch send us the bulbs every year is really quite neat.