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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dangerous Chairs....

The weather is beautiful right now - currently 5C and not expected to get above 12C. There's a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. This is my favorite part of spring. Although I really love it when we get a few days in a row of rain and then some sunny days and suddenly everything is blooming and budding and nature shakes off the winter drabs and puts on her spring/summer finery. That's good too. Heck, I like pretty much all the weather except for the too hot and humid summer. So I'm happy with the weather more often than not.

Anyway, the point is raspberries and blackberries have been purchased to put in along the fence - I'm really hoping to get fruit this year from them. I can't wait for strawberry season to begin. Sure, we can get strawberries year round, but the ones imported from the US look nice, but have no flavor. When the local ones come in, it's always such an amazing taste because it's so bright and full. There I am, tangenting again.

Where was I... oh yes, berry sticks (which is currently what they look like) bought, new low fencing bought, and an anti-gravity deck chair bought. The anti-gravity chairs are the ones that you press back on and they roll back so suddenly you're in the really comfy position with your head back and your legs up and I may have just spent forty five minutes in my spring jacket, eyes closed, just enjoying lying in the chair. I have a hunch I shall be doing this a lot. At least until it becomes too hot, because oh my, comfortable.

This is why it's a dangerous chair. I may find myself entrenched in this thing for far longer periods of time than planned. It's nice just to sit, and awesome to nap in, so even if I bring out work I'm intending to do... well, let's just say not a lot of work might be what happens.

I've never had a deck chair/lawn chair/whatever you call it, that was so comfortable and inviting. If I start missing deadlines, I think we know who, or should I say what, to blame.

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  1. Just fyi, the strawberries we get in the grocery stores most of the time aren't the best. There really is nothing like buying them right from the strawberry field that's for sure. Also, tomatoes, there is NOTHING like tomatoes grown in Ohio. Hands down, the best flavor ever *sigh*

    I think I might be jealous of your chair because it sounds heavenly!!! Enjoy it and your fruit :D