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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Milling Out at distributors!

Beer & Clay book 2 - Milling - is now out at the distributors!

Beer & Clay: Milling

Toby and Damon’s whirlwind romance continues, but can they find a balance between love and work? Do they even want to?

Toby can scarcely believe that his life has changed so much in less than two weeks, but it has. His predictable little life has gone from routine to sexually adventurous in a matter of days. And to be honest, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Damon’s just as into Toby, more interested in exploring with his new lover than spending all his time at the bar. Luckily things are running fairly smoothly there with his hand only occasionally needed on the rudder.

Their idyllic love affair has a few bumps to withstand, though, in the form of an intruder with a gun. Can Toby and Damon survive what happens next?

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smutty excerpt:

"So do you still want me to pose for you?” He really wasn’t sure it was necessary, but he wanted to. He wanted to be the center of Toby’s amazing focus.

“God, yes. Please.” Toby’s curls bounced some more as he nodded.

“Cool. It’s your show—how do you want me?” Damon was looking forward to it, to seeing Toby’s process, his work.

“Do you mind being naked for photos?”

“As long as you’re the only one who will see them, that’s fine.” He wasn’t shy, but didn’t figure anyone else needed to see him in his altogether.

“I’ll just have them on my computer, I promise.”

“Then naked it is.”

His pants were already undone, so Damon just pushed them down. He loved how Toby’s expression heated, how those eyes trailed over him like he was the hottest thing ever. Toeing off his shoes and stepping out of his jeans, he made a show of grasping the bottom of his shirt and very slowly pulling it up along his body.

Toby picked up his camera, but never got it to his face. “Oh. Oh, right there. Let me grab— Stay there.”

“Like this?” His face was half covered by his arms, his shirt up as far as his nipples—he knew because he could feel the air against them, making them hard.

“Please. Oh, God.”

“Anything you want, baby.”

He resisted the urge to shake his head at himself when he realized he was holding his breath and forced himself to fill his lungs.

There was the sound of the camera, then the scratch of pencil on paper. His arms wanted down, but he ignored them, holding the position for his beautiful artist.

“You’re… God, I want to sculpt that,” Toby told him. “You can move. I have it.”

Damon pulled the shirt the rest of the way off, and let it drop along with his arms. “You didn’t tell me posing for you was going to be a workout,” he teased.

“Uh-huh.” Toby stared at him and it was the most intensely sexual sensation, the way the heated gaze traveled over his body.

Suddenly, Damon was very, very sure that he didn’t want Toby having any other subject but himself. He didn’t want anyone else feeling that touch-like gaze. He didn’t want Toby looking at anyone else the way Toby was looking at him this very moment. The emotion surprised him, but it aroused him badly too.

His cock bumped against his belly, leaving a wet kiss on his skin. Toby moaned and headed for the clay, eyes touching him as those long fingers molded the clay.

“Being your subject is unbelievably arousing.” Damon had expected it to be hot, but not as intimate and sexy as this.

“Uh-huh. I… God, I have to do this.”

The music got louder and before he knew it, Toby was jacking a clay version of his cock.

Damon closed his eyes, swallowing hard. “Baby…”

Toby’s pierced erection was leaking, was achingly full, and his boy… Fuck, that was pure sex. Damon thought he could stand there and watch all day long.

The tension built and built, and he wanted to bury himself inside Toby, slam in and feel that tiny ass all around his cock.

“Let me know when you’re ready for a break.” The words growled out of him.

“I could sculpt you forever. Forever.”

“I can’t wait forever.” Damon was hard put to last another minute with Toby just over there, naked, hard and sexy as fuck.

“No…” Toby’s hand dropped to his own cock, stroked it once, hard.

“No.” Damon snapped the word out. “That’s mine. No touching.”

“I need…” Toby stroked again, defying him.

“Last warning and if you don’t let go right now, I’m going to put you over the back of that chair and spank you.”

Spunk sprayed from Toby, the pearlescent seed arcing as he came.

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