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Monday, May 11, 2015

My God It's Monday

So we went from turning the A/C on for the first time on Friday and me sweating my ass off in the mid-summer like heat and humidity Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning, to a beautiful Sunday afternoon followed by today being cold. And I love that we've come back to the 10C as a high weather. I sleep better, I feel better, I'm more productive. Yay for unable to decide May for only drowning me in super hot weather for two days.

So, because of the heat, I skipped the tulip festival. I'll head over on Wednesday evening instead, there will be less people there, it not being a weekend, and I'll get my beavertail and maybe hit my favorite Mexican restaurant for supper. Oh, and it won't be too damn hot, it should be a little warmer than today and that's about it.

Penny Dreadful season 2 has begun. I love this show. It's intense, it's beautiful, and I love the way they're pulling in literary characters like Frankenstein and Dorian Grey. And last night there was full frontal male nudity in a beautiful package. Damn. And Angelique was snarky and bold and totally stunning.

My favorite scene from last year was, I'm sure predictably, the scene between Dorian and Ethan. God, I love it when that is not just implied but right there on the screen. Their kiss sizzled.

So I'm trying to better my diet. Eating more fish, more vegetables, having less snacks of the chips or sweets variety. Sunday night is always elk burger night, though -- I pick them up at the market on Sunday morning (from beginning of May through to mid-November, anyway) and I have to say that I eat that burger and think damn, I really do love my red meat. I would be a lousy vegetarian. I really would.

But I gave up Coke nearly two years ago and haven't gone back to it, despite the fact that there are days I desperately want to crack a cold can and feel the bubbles burning down my throat, so I can do this. It just may take a few stops and starts. Luckily I love shrimps, scallops, crab and lobster, so at least some of the seafood is an easy choice - just not always the easiest to cook.

I'm very behind on my forgotten English word a day calendar. I think I should just pick it up from where I am and maybe put together a single post with the seven weeks or so that I'm missing when I get a chance. If I don't go back to it soon, I'm going to wind up letting it lapse entirely.

Speaking of behind, I need to get my webpage updated, don't I? Yes, I do. I have some great titles coming out in June.

I had a productive morning, and am spending the afternoon writing, which I really should get back to.

Have a good what's left of Monday!

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  1. Cannot wait to see the word a day calendar post!!

    Good luck!

  2. Wow. Elk Burger, I've never had elk. How does it compare to ground beef or bison?

    Sparkling Water - that's how I got over my craving for the bubbles. I still drink Pepsi Max (but only with Jack Daniels ;p) I don't usually drink pop regularly. I usually have water or unsweetened iced tea.

    YAY for trying to eat better. I LOVE fruits and veggies and I'm with you, I love my steak too much. A nice pink and juicy medium steak YUM. Also, chicken, I really actually like chicken. Especially barbecued :D

    GAH the weather...yesterday it rained and was cold, today it's in the 90's - go figure.

    Hope you enjoy the tulips on Wednesday


  3. Hey Sean
    You've changed the background again. Are you ever going to tell us anything about this new book. You're sooo mean giving a new cover and no details.