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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Tripwire!

I have just self-published Tripwire! I had so much fun writing this one and Trip and Bones still both niggle at the back of my head now and then, insisting I need to do a second book for them. We shall see if they keep it up. They'll have to wait for the deadlined


Set in the steamy jungles of South America, Tripwire introduces an irresistible cast of characters, including Trip a merc for hire, just out for his next adrenaline rush. And his next paycheck.

Bones is on the payroll of a major tree hugging organization, gone native and patching up the people who wander into his camp.

When Trip and Bones get together, they generate enough heat to set the jungle ablaze. This is more than just a good time, even if they do manage to spend more time apart than they’d like.

Their good time blows right up in their faces, though, when someone puts a price on Bone’s head. Can they figure out why in time to save their skins? And can love overcome a merc’s greed?

Originally published by Torquere Press.

Available at All Romance Ebooks. I'll add the Amazon link as soon as I have it.

smutty excerpt:

Cap chuckled. “Thanks again, Bones. Any of you want to go swimming, I’ll hump your gear.”

“I’m going for some z’s,” said Doc.

“I need to check the radio,” put in Tin Can.

“Look like it’s just you and me, Bones.” Trip gave the doctor a grin.

“Yeah, cool. Come on, it’s down this way.” Bones sauntered off, hips swaying nice and easy. “You’re Trip, right?”

“Yep.” He followed, feeling loose and good. Ten days was a long time to sit around doing nothing, but this time it was looking up.

“Cool.” Another cigarette was pulled out, a long draw taken. “Fuck, but it’s been a busy day. Don’t repair livers every fucking afternoon.”

“His liver, eh? Sounds like something necessary. Doc knew there was something twisted up inside, but not what.” The way the man was working that cigarette, it was starting to make him hard.

“It’s a touch challenging to live without one, yeah, but his’ll heal up pretty and he’ll have a scar to brag about.” Those green eyes were picking up every bit of color in the jungle and just shining. He couldn’t help but grin at Bones; the man was obviously easy in his skin, happy. It was nice, too, to meet someone who knew not to ask questions, not to be curious. Trip figured Bones saw lots of guys, lots of people coming in and out, because Trip wasn’t even getting curious looks. The jungle opened up, and a pool widened out beside the quickly moving river. “Watch out for the fucking monkeys. They steal shit.”

He chuckled. “Maybe I should have left my piece back at camp.”

Bones started to strip, so he did as well. The pool looked nice and cool, inviting. The man had a pretty little cowboy butt, the tan going all the way, legs that just went on and on. He hadn’t seen anyone but military-style musclemen and kids for several years now, and he had to admit Bones was waking up all sorts of parts. He took the clip out of his piece and got into the water in a hurry. You never knew how some people were going to take an honest show of interest.

Bones wasn’t in any sort of hurry, bending to scrub the filthy clothes before standing, proud and tall, hanging the clothes over a stone. He was staring, he knew he was, but a man could only not look for so long. Bones was a fine, fine looking man. He wouldn’t say no to having a piece of that. He wouldn’t say no to seconds.

Then that braid got worked loose, hair going everywhere, sun setting it off. Damn. His cock throbbed as all that hair slid over Bones’ shoulders. The man was putting on a show for him. Had to be.

Bones slid into the pool, washing quickly over by the moving water, hair going dark and heavy. “Damn, this water feels fine. You need to borrow the soap?”

Soap. Man. He wanted that more than he wanted a piece of that sweet ass. “Please.”

Bones gave him a grin, handed over a little waterproof ditty bag with two bars of soap and a bottle of creamy shampoo. Disposable razors. Damn. “Help yourself.”

He went for the razor first, soaping up his face and taking care of the growth. Felt fucking good to get this clean. Bones offered him his privacy, swimming idly before climbing up onto a flat rock and sunning like a lizard. Like a seductive, half-hard, needing to be fucked lizard.

Clean and horny, he swam slowly around Bones’ rock, trying to think up a line that wouldn’t make him sound like a total horn dog.

Those green eyes opened, watched him for a long while. “You hunting for something you can’t find in that ditty bag, Trip?”

He stopped swimming and treaded water. “Yeah, I guess I might be.”

Bones slid back into the water, moving nice and easy, body brushing up against him, just enough to make him sensitive, make him want more.

“You think you have what I’m looking for, Bones?”

“I think you’ve had a nice, long look. I’m thinking we’re both full-grown and able to get what we want.”

He nodded and directed his movements so he slid up against Bones. “I imagine you’re right.”

He brought their lips together, watching those green eyes sparkle in the sunshine. Long fingers slid up along his shoulders, those lips opening for him, lazy and hungry all at once. He moaned, prick hardening the rest of the way up. Their legs tangled together as they treaded water, his tongue slipping into the wet heat of Bones’ mouth. Some men were put on this earth for fucking, eager and easy to the practice, and Bones seemed to be one of those, body sliding and rocking against his. Their cocks slid together, like brands of fire in the cool water.

“You’re built like a brick shithouse, man. Stunning.” Those green eyes were hot, happy, appreciating him.

He colored just a little, pleased all through. “And you’re all long and lean like a racehorse. Sweet.”

“Mmm…” Bones brought their lips together again, fucking his mouth nice and easy with that soft tongue. He moaned softly, one hand sliding down to cup that fine ass. Shit, they needed to get to where they could get their feet on the bottom. The long body shuddered, rocked against him. “Great hands.”

“Let’s go shallower and I’ll show you what I can do with them.”

“Hell, yes.” He got another grin, this one all his. “There’s a little natural ledge over there, just the right height.”

“Lead the way, Bones.” He let the man go with reluctance, swimming easily until he found his footing. Bones settled up on the ledge, arms opening for him, water lapping at the thin torso.

It was perfect.

He slid his hands around Bones, landing on that sweet ass again, squeezing as his mouth found Bones’. Legs wrapped around his waist, body rubbing against him, nice and easy, cock hot as a brand. He let his fingers stroke along Bones’ crease, rocking them together. Fuck, it was nice to have a warm body to rub against. Felt good, so much better than his own hand.

Bones’ hands explored, finding his nipples, his ribs, searching out little hot spots and stroking them. He sent one of his own hands up along Bones’ spine. It was knobby and hard, but sensitive. His other hand stayed where it was and he started to tease Bones’ hot little hole.

“Mmm…” Bones purred against his lips, thighs shaking a little against him.

He kept that finger pushing against Bones’ hole, his other hand drawing around to pump their pricks together. Bones braced himself and started rocking, riding, involved and eager and right there. He stared into those green eyes and plundered the hot mouth, all the while working their cocks, hand sliding, squeezing. A soft gasp sounded, eyes rolling, the long cock jerking in his hand.

Fuck, that was hot. He pulled harder, his hips working with his hand. Fuck if the man didn’t stay hard, too, just seeming to want more, now.

smut fixes everything


  1. I really enjoyed this book. Have wished for a sequel or another book with these characters.

  2. Loved this book. Haven't read it in years. Now I'm going to have to find it and reread it. Hope you write about Trip and Bones again. Thanks for the wonderful stories.

  3. HMm another one I don't think I've read....