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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I saw two movies this past weekend -- both Marvel movies, as it happens!

First there was Avengers: Age of Ultron at the IMAX and I loved it!

There will be SPOILERS, so please don't keep reading if you're avoiding those.

Someone I know who saw it the day before I did said it wasn't as good as the first, but I thought it held up just fine and I'll have to wait to watch them back to back once it's out on Blu-Ray and see if I still think that they were as good as each other.

I loved James Spader as the voice of Ultron - he did such a good job infusing lots of emotion and snarkiness. I loved that Paul Bettany finally got to actually be in the movie as a physical character and not just the voice of Jarvis. I loved that we got some backstory for the Black Widow and that Hawkeye has a family! A totally off the grid nobody but Natasha knew about it family. And when he's home he does home renovation (maybe that's his way of promising to his wife that he'll be coming home - he has to - the floor in the back bedroom is all torn up...) I don't read the comics at all, so I didn't previously have any of that information.

I loved that Ultron was born of Tony Stark's arrogance. I'm going to bring peace to the world. Way to go Tony, but so very in character for him.

The fight scenes were great. The new powers people were great (I'm sad speedy dude bit the big one, I liked him). I loved that it followed beautifully from the TV show, so if you're following that, it's cool (the doc who escaped at the end of the episode of Marvel's Agents of Shield that aired right before the movie premiered was right there in the hydra base -- so cool) but if you don't follow the TV show, you can follow the movie just fine.

I loved Tony and Thor's rivalry regarding their ladies - Pepper's great, but Jane is better LOL. I loved all the Avengers trying to lift Thor's hammer. And then Vision picks it up nice and easy -- made for a beautiful plot point later on the ultimate fight against Ultron, but also for Thor, gave him a reason to trust Vision -- he obviously was worthy.

I could go on, but I'm not going to -- suffice it to say (again) that I loved the movie.

My only bitch was that Agent Coulson wasn't in the movie. Not even a little cameo.

The second movie was at home on Blu-Ray -- Big Hero 6. This was an adorable and fun movie and I loved Baymax so very much. Who knew a big plastic puffball could be so lovable? I also loved that the city was San Fransokyo. It was a totally fun movie. And the little animated short that's also on the Blu-Ray is totally worth seeing as well.

I'd be going to see Maggie (zombies and Arnie? Sounds like a great combo) this coming weekend, but it isn't opening in Ottawa until May 15! Whose idea was that?

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  1. BRAIN TWINS - I LOVED the same things you did!!! Altho, I need to go see it again, because as soon as we found out Hawkeye had a family, I spent the entire rest of the movie worried something would happen to him or them, because that's what Joss does. So now that I know they're okay, I need to go rewatch LOL. (I'm sorry Speedy died...but I was relieved it wasn't Hawkeye or his wife & kids)

    LOVED Big Hero 6. Even if it made me cry....twice...nope three times? I don't even remember, but it was really good.